10 Cost-Effective Ways to Prepare for Winter

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Fall may have just started, but winter will be here soon enough. Snow, hail and rain might be on the menu for this year’s winter festivities, so it’s a good idea to be prepared. Get to know the top 10 ways you can prepare for winter.

  1. Insulate the Attic

The experts at Money Talks News suggest the attic should be the first priority. Add insulation to the attic’s walls, ceiling and floors. This task regulates the temperatures within the attic and across the rooftop. The home will be more comfortable this winter while warding off potential damages on the shingles or gutters.

  1. Seal the Openings

A winter leak doesn’t just involve plumbing problems. Air leaks into the home are issues because they cost a lot in energy losses. Apply weatherstripping to windows and doors. Pull out a caulk gun, and fill in small holes and cracks that may allow outside air to infiltrate the home. Maintaining the interior as a closed system will save you money.

  1. Service the Chimney

Nationwide Insurance recommends giving some attention to your chimney. A winter leak occurs here by allowing warm air to rise out of the flue. If the chimney isn’t in use, be sure to close the flue. Ask a professional to service the chimney’s shaft too. Particle buildup can lead to chimney fires.

  1. Examine the Snow Plow

Preparing for winter includes the examination of machines that are solely designed for this time of year. Pull out your snow plow before any powder hits the ground. Take a look at the main parts that require regular service. Snow plows typically have spark plugs, filters and gas tanks that need some TLC before a big storm arrives.

  1. Wrap a Blanket Around the Hot-Water Heater

Most people don’t think too much about their hot-water heaters, but they should be prepared for winter. Add an appropriate blanket around the heater so that its heat loss is minimal. It can remain in place all year long to continually save the household money.

  1. Try a Programmable Thermostat

Some households play the temperature game where the thermostat is constantly adjusted up and down. Stop this waste of energy by adding a programmable thermostat to the home. Set it at an appropriate temperature and lock it into place. The home remains comfortable without excessive energy loss.

  1. Clean Out the Gutters

As you concentrate on servicing the snow plows before the winter sets in, keep an eye on the rooftop gutters. They must be cleaned out well before the driveway is covered in snow. Clean gutters allow ice and rain to move away from the structure, which protects it from ice dams and other damages.

  1. Turn on the Fans

It may seem counterintuitive to turn on ceiling fans during the winter, but there’s a warming strategy involved. Set the fan to a clockwise direction. It pushes the warm air up and into the ceiling. The air finds its way to the floor and moves back up again. You’re effectively warming the room with the air trapped at the ceiling’s height.

  1. Update the Window Treatments

Consider the addition of thick drapes in the home. During the day, open them up to the sunlight pouring in the room. In the evening, close the drapes to any drafts. The energy loss within the home is significant if windows remain exposed overnight. Heat will quickly leave the home.

  1. Clean the Furnace Filter

You lose a lot of energy when the furnace functions with a dirty filter. Let the system breathe with a new or cleaned filter. Ideally, check it at least once a month. Every filter fills up at a different rate. You want a clean system so that it doesn’t work too hard to keep the home warm.

Whether you have questions about your snow plow or industrial machine, our experts at Motion & Flow Control Products have the answers. Explore our inventory of parts and assemblies for your next repair, project or purchase. Preparing for winter might be a considerable task, but it’s worth it as spring slowly arrives next year.