10 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Hoses

Reading Time: 3 minutes

When you run a business, swapping out parts on machines or devices is commonplace. Productivity is the goal, so part swaps become the fastest pathway to a completed project. You might wonder what you can do with all of those failed parts, including hydraulic hoses.

There are a few ideas that can reduce your waste when it comes to hydraulic hoses. Explore these creative ways of repurposing your old hoses today. Your employees can get in on the action too.

1. Blade Savers

The lifespan of a hydraulic hose can vary, but it doesn’t have to be instant trash when failure occurs. Pull out your saws and knives from the garage. Cut the hose to the length of each blade. Slide the hose onto the blade as an instant and protective cover.

2. Soaker Hoses

Your old hoses have several cracks in them. Use these anomalies as positive features in a garden. Create more holes in the hose to create a soaker effect in the backyard. Connect the length to a water source, and snake the hose throughout your garden. Repurposing old hoses means thinking outside of the box.

3. Garden Edging

At times, a hydraulic hose looks functional, but it’s simply unsafe to use. Put new life into those hoses by using them as garden edging.

Arrange a garden border with the hose so that the area remains defined. Repurposing hoses might also include some paint across the outside surfaces too. The only limitation is imagination itself.

4. Tool Holders

Repurposing old hoses doesn’t get any easier when they’re used to hold your tools. Hydraulic hoses are particularly helpful during these projects. Cut the hose to an appropriate length, such as six inches, to hold a broom handle. In fact, hoses can be used for nearly any tool that you want to hang, including screwdrivers and dustpans.

5. Grippers

A clever way to protect your hands is by adding cut hoses to metal handles. Pots with metal handles can be extremely hurtful on the hands. Hoses form a protective barrier while remaining in place on the handle.

6. Door Stops

When you’re looking for a practical solution for your extra hoses, cut them into small sections as door stops. These hoses are perfect for industrial locations where there are many doors to prop open. They become conversation pieces at the end of the day.

7. Watering Tool

Cut a small section of hose that’s about the same length as a potted plant’s soil depth. Create holes in the hose, and install it vertically into the soil. You now have a perfect area to water the plant. The water fills the hose while slowly draining into the surrounding soil.

8. Vehicle Protection

Add one or several hoses against your garage wall. Place them at a height where the car door might open up wide. Hydraulic hoses give the door a cushioned space where paint doesn’t have to be chipped away with each entry or exit into the vehicle.

9. Greenhouse Support

Try either garden hoses or hydraulic hoses as supports for a small greenhouse. Loop the hose so that it forms an upside-down “U” shape on the ground. Create as many loops as necessary across a rectangular area. Tarp the supports for an instant greenhouse.

10. Vases

Long, hydraulic hoses are perfect for vase creations. Cut the hose into equally long sections of about 18 inches. Use a bow or tie wrap in order to hold these lengths together. Set the makeshift vase into a vertical position. Slide flowers into the length for an instant bouquet.

There are dozens of fun projects just waiting to be created with your hydraulic hoses!