API 16C Monogrammed Choke & Kill Hoses: It’s Time to Get Yours

Did you know? There’s only one manufacturer making 16C hoses in the USA.

Copper State Hose is the manufacturer, and we are an exclusive partnership with them. Don’t wait to get your 16C hose – you may need it sooner than you think. Get yours today by requesting a quote below!

Let’s break down the hose that never breaks down. Seven parts you need to know:

1. Choke & Kill Coupling. All of the Copper State hoses are built as one unit. That means the couplings are specifically built-in to the hose. That gives you more protection against damage if the bend radius is exceeded.

2. Steel Cable. Nothing tough to understand here. We wind each hose for additional reinforcement with steel cabling. Since we have that built-in coupling, we want to protect and support it the best we can.

3. Abrasive Resistant/Fire Retardant Cover. Extreme weather, temperatures, and even harsh chemicals and fluids don’t stand a chance thanks to this nitrile-base synthetic compound. This reassures greater resistance to oil, cuts, abrasion, weather and temperature extremes. It’s also available with 1/4 full round stainless steel armor.

4. Secondary Carcass. Copper State has added more strength (and not to mention safety) by adding specially woven fabric and a protective layer of rubber.

5. Layer Wire Reinforcement. This feature is all about strength and safety while retaining flexibility. What you’re looking at are four, six, or eight spiraled layers of specially crafted fatigue resistant, high-tensile steel wires
embedded in a thick layer rubber and tough fabric.

6. Primary Carcass. Ever wished you had protection against sudden rupture? This flexible liner does just that without warning at the hose ends. It’s constructed with multiple plies of premium grade high-tensile fabric impregnated with rubber.

7. Tube. This small part does big things It’s well suited for hydrocarbons, gas permeation, and is even resistant to H2S.

Copper State tests 100% of its hoses before shipping. These Choke and Kill hoses are surge tested at 15k PSI in .75 of a second.

Don’t wait to get your choke and kill hose! We can get you what you need faster (don’t forget: these hoses come with a 3-year warranty!). Reach out to our team right now! 

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