Join MFCP At The 2020 Vehicle Maintenance Management Conference in Seattle!

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2020 VMMC logo in Seattle

If you want to learn about the latest technology, issues, and ideas surrounding vehicle maintenance, the Vehicle Maintenance Management Conference in Seattle is the place to go. The conference is a combined educational and networking event that helps you throughout your career. The conference benefits anyone concerned with vehicle maintenance. That includes technicians, supervisors, mechanics, students, vendors, and industry leaders, among more. While you can attend other vehicle maintenance conferences throughout the year, VMMC brings leading vehicle maintenance knowledge, ideas, and experts together in one place. This year’s expert lineup includes Motion & Flow Control Products (MFCP), a nationally renowned leader in the industry. We encourage you to stop by to see what we offer when you arrive at the three-day conference.

What is VMMC?

Scheduled to start in spring 2020, it’s not too early to mark your calendars for the Vehicle Maintenance Management Conference, which is titled “Educating and Networking for the Future.” The 2020 conference is scheduled for March 24-26 at South Seattle College in Seattle, Washington. Some of the topics covered in the conference are batteries, electrification, heavy diesel, multiplexing, wheels and tires, mid-size diesel, and green futures, which discusses concepts for more environmentally-friendly vehicle maintenance. Networking opportunities are available with leaders and professionals nationwide. In total, the conference will have over 50 technical training and management sessions.

VMMC Highlights

While the entire Vehicle Maintenance Management Conference offers learning and networking opportunities, it has several highlights as well. For starters, the location was carefully selected to provide hands-on workshop sessions, as South Seattle College has facilities equipped with automotive mechanics and heavy diesel equipment. Along with having hands-on training, visitors will have the opportunity to interact with manufacturing representatives and vendors at the vendor display area. Along with showing products, vendors will be on hand to provide information and answer any questions you have. This year, heavy equipment will be part of the vendor display as well for guests to admire. The heavy equipment on hand is the newest available in the industry.

Get Certified

Along with vendors and workshops, this year’s Vehicle Maintenance Management Conference also offers certification classes. Two certifications you can achieve in 2020 are the Washington Association of Building Officials Welding Certification (WABO) and the Tire Industry Association (TIA) Tire and Wheel Certification. WABO training fulfills OSHA standards and WISHA training standards. The TIA training is designed for individuals who need to fulfill OSHA training requirements. This course is recommended for employees who handle truck wheels or tires. Since the certification courses fill up quickly, it’s a good idea to register beforehand before the conference begins. A number of reference materials and training aids help you customize your training to your own personal needs.

About MFCP

If you need a solution, MCFP has the answer. We carry a number of products to meet your needs for the safe transportation of fluids and gases, and we have multiple storage locations across nine states. We have a number of brand-name products for your selection as well. Our strategically-located branches and manufacturing facilities ensure we have a product you need when you need it.