3 Reasons to Attend This Year’s Oregon Logging Conference

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With a packed schedule of events, this year’s Oregon Logging Conference has much to enjoy. If you are attending the conference, stop by and visit MFCP, located at Booth 298-299. We have plenty to show off this year in the area of exciting new technologies and reliable services. If you’re not yet familiar with the products and services that we offer, now is a great time to learn about the revolutionary items that we offer for your business, such as custom monitoring solutions. If you’re still not signed up, here are some great reasons to celebrate the 82nd anniversary of the logging conference.


As an industry professional, chances are good you are always searching for ways to make your business better. Fortunately, improving business is our area of expertise. We regularly debut novel technologies to help companies run more smoothly and efficiently. One technology that we are excited to offer is SensoNODE Blue sensors and SCOUT Mobile software from Parker Hannifin. Together, they are an effective condition monitoring solution that helps operators detect and eliminate problems before they start. SensoNODE’s sensors track changes in temperature, pressure, and humidity levels in real-time. When paired with SCOUT Mobile software, the sensors instantly relay critical information back to the user. You’ll find SensoNODE Blue in many places, including Triad Machinery’s Link-Belt 4040 Forest Machine, which is part of the Annual Log Loader Competition . We encourage you to stop by our booth to learn more about SensoNODE Blue’s handy features, including its pressure and temperature sensors that can be monitored on the LB 4040 remotely using Bluetooth. You can preview this technology at three tablets we’ll have at our booth. You can also learn about pairing the technology with your phone. And don’t forget to ask about Parker’s innovative Voice of the Machine app , which provides instant monitoring updates anytime!

Hands-on Training and Education

Perhaps you are new to the industry or even an experienced worker looking to fine-tune your skills. Either way, you can benefit from hands-on training opportunities offered through the Oregon Logging Conference. The conference features training sessions for all abilities. The conference also includes a series of seminars and panel discussions covering a variety of forestry-related topics. Along with listening to educational discussions from some of the industry’s leading experts, forestry professionals can also accumulate professional credits. This year, attendees can also listen to an engaging discussion with Dr. Patrick Moore, the Keynote Speaker for the 2020 conference, on “Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom.”

Networking Opportunities

With a number of social events and activities, there is no shortage of networking opportunities at the 2020 logging conference. One can’t-miss event is the kickoff silent auction and dinner hosted by Oregon Women in Timber. This special event features an opportunity to meet fellow industry professionals, participate in a silent auction, enjoy a buffet-style meal, and listen to an engaging discussion titled “Talk About Trees,” which is a statewide educational initiative to increase awareness of forestry and its related issues such as forest health, animal habitats, forestry careers, and improving sustainable forestry practices. The program is designed for children and adults, so bring the whole family for an engaging learning experience! Along with the kickoff dinner and auction, there are multiple breakfasts, dinners, and desserts scheduled throughout the course of the conference to provide additional networking opportunities. The conference has a number of events scheduled too, such as the Log Loader Competition and an exhibition from a local high school.

This year, there are more reasons than ever to attend the Oregon Logging Conference. The conference proudly celebrates its 82nd year with competitions, educational events, and many networking opportunities. When you arrive, be sure to stop by MFCP’s booth as well to learn more about our exciting new technologies and exceptional customer service.