5 Reasons to Use Parker SensoNODE

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The SensoNODE from Parker Hannifin is a revolutionary new tool for the car wash industry. Collectively, Americans visit car washes more than 100,000 times each year. The number of people choosing to get their car washed commercially has more than doubled in the past decade. And with their great values and more environmentally-friendly practices, more people are expected to choose commercial car washes. For car wash operators, that means more business opportunities and the potential for more earnings. However, car wash operators must ensure their facilities are up-to-date with the latest tools and technology. That’s exactly where the SensoNODE plays a starring role.

The rising volume of car wash users is great for business. But it also means that parts and equipment in car wash facilities may wear out more quickly. Car wash bays have many moving parts that can become worn out or break due to an increase in volume. Fluid levels, chemical levels, and changes in temperature or humidity level can also affect a car wash’s performance and cause parts to break. SensoNODE, however, is designed to avoid those problems. Here are the five biggest benefits you’ll get from this innovative condition monitoring system:

Remote Monitoring

The Parker SensoNODE system includes sensors in the car wash bay that are connected to an online site. From a computer screen, technicians can view the car wash’s sensor data in real-time. This makes it easy to spot and solve problems before they become a major issue. The system’s remote monitoring capabilities also reduce downtime and lowers the cost of service and maintenance. By detecting a problem early on, technicians can also avoid potential safety problems and workplace hazards.

Configurable Settings

Technicians need access to the most vital information in a car wash facility. But sometimes, they only need to see specific information. For instance, a technician may need to monitor for freezing temperatures, check for ice, and watch certain fluid levels only during the cold winter months. Multiple technicians may also use the same software and have their own set of data that they prefer to see on the screen. With the SensoNODE’s customizable settings, technicians have instant access to their favorite features.


Another advantage of the SensoNODE system is its high level of accuracy. The Parker system uses sophisticated computer-based technology to detect problems. Quite often, its level of accuracy surpasses that of a human technician. Because of its computer-based design, the system eliminates errors in reporting and data collection.

Easy Installation

Using mostly small, light-weight sensors, the system is remarkably easy to install. The sensors can be attached to the outside of containers and barrels for easy viewing and monitoring. Since the sensors are wireless, you don’t have to worry about the wires getting tangled or interfering with the car wash’s operation. Furthermore, having fewer wires translates to a safer environment for workers and customers.

Mobile Access

Along with viewing the system’s data from a computer screen, technicians can also check critical data from a phone, tablet, or other mobile devices. This makes it easy to monitor the system when you’re on the go. With the ability to view information on a wireless device, it’s also easier to share data with repair personnel and other employees. The system’s mobile capabilities include individual monitoring of each machine and instant updates to processes and performance.

With the projected increase in car wash use, fast, precise, and efficient condition monitoring is more important for car wash operators than ever before. The cutting-edge SensoNODE system from Parker Hannifin provides the perfect wireless monitoring solution for your car wash system. It can also be paired with Parker software called Scout Monitoring for even more comprehensive monitoring and support.