5 Things You Missed at the 2017 Pacific Marine Expo

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Couldn’t make it to the Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle this year? No worries – MFCP, Inc. has you covered.

Here are 5 things you missed from the show.

1. 450 Exhibitors.

More than 450 exhibitors attended, spanning from various marine services, frozen commercial seafood to hydraulic hose companies. One company in particular, commercial bait supplier International Marine Industries, had an actual brick of frozen fish right at their booth. That was just one of a few sights-to-see, though.

2. Product Giveaways. 

Motion Flow Control Products made our home at booth #806, right in the middle of the Century Link Field Event Center (and closest to the insanely packed Starbucks).

MFCP, Inc. had steady flow of traffic as we showcased our Parker Hannifin hydraulic hoses, SPX products and even gave away a couple of brand new SENSOnodes! Congratulations to Tom Kychun from Kraken Marine Services and Bruce Skolnick, a private fishing vessel owner, on winning!

A view of the booths at the 2017 Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle

3. Everyone’s favorite: free drinks.

The event lasted 3 days total, Thursday November 16th through Saturday November 18th. There was a steady flow of attendees, but the busiest time of day was the late-afternoon. Why you ask?

There was a happy hour with free beer (yes, we said free!) on Thursday and Friday sponsored by ZF Marine Propulsion Systems, a popular marine mechanical engineer company in Florida.

4. Keynote speech from Chris Oliver, Fisheries Management Head of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Chris Oliver gives speech

Oliver gave some useful insight to a room full of Alaska fisherman regarding his own learning curve, strategic priorities, and the federal government’s current approach toward fisheries management.

He stressed that the NOAA values handling commercial fishing regulation from a regional approach, and strives to show more flexibility. He mentioned the current battle between commercial and recreational fishing, and reiterated the importance of the NOAA’s motivation to reduce America’s reliance on imported seafood.

Toward the end of his speech, he named the four priorities of NOAA Fisheries:

  • maintain and build emphasis on basic data collection
  • streamline regulatory processes
  • expand America’s seafood production
  • most importantly, ensure regional councils have the flexibility they need to tailor management plans to their specific needs

5. Insane Fisherman of the Year contestThe logo from the 2017 Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle

The National Fisherman Magazine hosted a Fisherman of the Year Award which was awarded to Malcolm Vance of Bristol Bay.

The award truly put your skills to the test, as you had to compete in rope splicing, net mending and blindfolded knot tying. Vance took home the Fisherman of the Year award, along with cash and a personalized National Fisherman Congratulations, Mr. Vance!