Alaska, We Are Your STIHL Provider!

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The rough-and-tumble world of Alaska deserves the right tools for the job. At Motion & Flow Control Products, we understand your need for reliable tools in the harshest conditions. We’re proud to support STIHL products out of our Fairbanks and Anchorage storefronts. If you’re wondering who can support your tool needs, our team is ready to meet the challenge.

Hands-On Time

You might read all of the product information on the best power tools, but that doesn’t take the place of feeling the item in your hands. Head down to our convenient locations when you have a spare minute. Holding the tool in your hands gives you a sense of its power and comfort for the big project ahead.

Pick it up, feel the control and give the product a try with the help of our knowledgeable team. A tool that you carefully researched may not feel right when you see it in person. Finding the right product takes an in-person test so that every control and power need remains covered.

Sales and Service Support

Understand the benefits of working with MFCP as opposed to any other entity. You can certainly buy chainsaws online, but you’ll only benefit from rapid shipping. Consumers miss out on the support offered by an official dealer. During the sales pitch, you gain critical knowledge about the product and its accessories. You might need more or less of a tool, depending on your applications.

You gain important experience with maintenance tips too. Without proper care, chainsaws can break down rather rapidly. Our service team can help you stay out of the repair center with simple advice that works in the field. Take the tool in for its yearly tuneup otherwise.

Dealer-Warranty Concerns

Your product may be of the highest quality, but defects might occur at times. Purchase your STIHL chainsaw from another source, and warranty issues become major headaches. At MFCP, we assist you from the very beginning of a warranty claim. Bring your product into one of our shops. We’ll take a look at the concern, and bring it up with the manufacturer.

Dealing with warranty concerns is a streamlined process with our team involved. You’ll see the proper parts swapped out or adjustments made. Every customer leaves with a product that works as well as it’s designed to do so.

Alaska’s Challenges

When you buy from MFCP, our team gives you the best advice when it comes to winter’s challenges. Alaska will test your power tools. Be ready for anything by following a few of these tips, such as:

  • Keeping moisture away from the throttle trigger and interlock by wiping it away on a regular basis.
  • Watch your footing on frozen surfaces and adjust the chainsaw’s angle as necessary on frozen wood.
  • Keep the fuel tank clear of snow or ice accumulation.

If you have any specific questions regarding cold temperatures, you always have a resource at our Alaskan facilities. It’s better to ask than to test the tool outside of its operational range.

Discovering the Latest Models

Both the Fairbanks and Anchorage stores carry the latest models from STIHL’s quality lineup. Look for these models on your next trip, such as:

  • MS170
  • MS271
  • MS250

One of our favorite chainsaws is the STIHL MS170. It’s incredibly lightweight, but it gets the job done. Its weight can be deceiving, which means you should try it out before making a purchase decision. A lightweight design doesn’t mean you’re compromising on power. In fact, the STIHL MS170 is one of our top sellers.

You can keep on cutting without too much fatigue. This benefit is especially important in Alaska’s frigid climate. Get the work done and out of there.

Get all of your chainsaw questions answered by contacting Motion & Flow Control Products today. Our Alaska team takes pride in this unique landscape with tools that solve nearly every dilemma. Fire up that STIHL chainsaw today because our support is with you all the way.