Serving Alaska Since 1969


Our team in Alaska knows what Alaska businesses need because we’re from here. We went to high school here, have raised families here, and most importantly, have been working with local businesses since 1969.

When it comes to commercial fishing, mining, construction, seafood processing plants, and the Oil & Gas industry, we’re the go-to shop for your go-to products. Get your quote today. 

We carry a variety of unique products to service our diverse market in both Anchorage and Fairbanks. Here are a few highlighted items:

  • SensoNode – to monitor pressure or temperature inhard-to-reach equipment on boats and trucks
  • Camlock hoses – for harsh chemical use, like in fracking or fuel/oil delivery
  • Harrington Hoists – for lifting heavy loads while being safe in the oil field or in your own shop
  • GPI pumps – 12V or 115V fuel transfer pumps that allow you to work in remote areas, or refill your tank on the go

Services you won’t find anywhere else

Our team at MFCP is the same team from when we were known as Jackovich Industrial. Our expertise hasn’t changed – we now just have more products and more ways to help our customers.

Anyone that needs stainless steel tubing, we’re your guys. We do custom tube bending and fabrication, which is especially needed for garbage/sanitation trucks and commercial fishing equipment. Ask our team about our tube program, where you can get a tube bender and tube flaring tools for free!

Not only do we take in walk-in hose assemblies, but we also do them while you wait. No need to leave your job, drop it off, drive back to your job then back to our shop later when we’re done. You can walk-in and get it done right then and there – limited downtime.

We’re the longest-tenured STIHL distributor in this region with GOLD trained mechanic

For MS170 chainsaws, the MS271 Farm Boss, the BR600 backpack blower, you need MFCP. Our team knows absolutely everything about the STIHL suite of products and we have one of three GOLD certified mechanics in Alaska. Whether you’re looking for heavy-duty professional land clearing equipment or homeowner compact STIHL products, we’ve got you covered.

The needs of our Alaska companies, from Anchorage to Fairbanks and beyond, are as vast as the Alaskan landscape, and when you need quality products with unparalleled service, we’re proud you turn to us. Come check us out today!

Meet your Anchorage branch manager: Neil Shibe

How long have you been with MFCP? Four years. Before coming here, I sold industrial pumps.

Where are you from originally? Born and raised in Anchorage, and went to the University of Idaho (the Western Undergraduate Exchange brought me there). I had actually never been to Idaho before I arrived for my first day! It’s similar to Alaska except with better weather. It was like living in a destination location.

When you’re not in the office, where could we find you? Fly fishing. Nice! Where is the best fly fishing place? Certainly, the best fly fishing place in the world is Bristol Bay. It’s known for the largest sockeye salmon run in the world and with salmon comes eggs and bait for smaller fish, so I like to go there for big trout.

Make sure you see our team in action as Channel 2 KTUU visits us as a winner in their Breakfast Club series!

Our Alaska Story

MFCP acquired Jackovich Industrial and Construction Supply in late 2013 and inherited decades of experience and priceless amounts of local know-how.

We’re Alaska’s one-stop shop. It’s easy to ask us a question about our inventory, or request a quote. You can reach us in just a few seconds. Call us today and find out why so many businesses in Alaska choose MFCP! 

















Covering your needs for:

  • hydraulic and pneumatic connectors and valves
  • hoses and hose fittings
  • hose assemblies
  • sealing products
  • instrumentation fittings and valves
  • hydraulic and pneumatic components
  • lubrication products
  • hydraulic filters


Alaska Region Headquarters Anchorage
1716 Post Road
Anchorage, AK 99501
Phone: 907-277-1406
Fax: 907-258-1700


1607 Well Street
Fairbanks, AK 99701
Phone: 907-456-4414
Fax: 907-452-4846

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