In Aurora, we do more than repair – we remanufacture.

If we do our job right, your job becomes easier. Wvalue your time as your most important asset, so we understand the job must be done correct the first time.

Every repair request that comes into our MFCP Aurora remanufacture and engineering shop gets quoted  within 48 hours. We thoroughly evaluate what needs to be done to your component, and get you the information to make the best business decision. Don’t waste time you don’t have – reach out to our team today.

In Aurora, our teams can do it all – like taking a cylinder from broken to brand new with a oneyear warranty (just like a manufacturer), and unlike standard repair shops you’ve been to beforewe’re also trusted by our customers to re-design original equipment to improve longevity. 

MFCP hasn’t been in Aurora for long but we’ve been a fluid power source for over twenty years. Trust us, and know you’re trusting the experts. 


Your field is our field. 

We have field service technicians to install and troubleshoot hydraulic systems. Our team goes out to food plants, manufacturing facilities – anywhere you’re using hydraulics to make parts – and helps keep your business running. We can check systems not working at their optimum level and handle the installation of your new capital equipment, like our custom power units.  Ask us about our preventative and predictive maintenance programs to reduce your downtime and maximize your up-time! 

Our fluid power technology center is one of a kind. 

All things fluid power – that’s what we love. What our customers love is our ability to build systems unique to their needs. Our custom power units  are designed by our in-house engineering department. The engineers at MFCP have experience with controls as well to help automate your systems.  Combined, our engineering team has over one hundred years’ worth of experience.  

By using 3D design capabilities, we’re able to help you conceptualize your new system prior to fabrication. 

Pump repair shop

Ever had a pump repaired and felt you didn’t get what you paid forOdds are the shop you went to replaced a few parts, although they didn’t understand why the pump failed. The problem that we see time and again, is they didn’t properly test it for you. 

In our Aurora shop, we always repair to ISO standards, so when you get back to work, you are confident in the work we’ve performed for you. 

We’re able to test up to 250 horsepower respectively thanks to our exceptional testing equipment. 


Aurora MFCP Location Exterior Aurora MFCP Location Interior