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What you need to know about Clean Diesel ISO standards

We get a lot of questions about ISO standards – and some of the most common questions are about clean diesel, or ISO 4406. The standard 4406 basically calls for a quantifiable measurement of particulate contamination to achieve a maximization of equipment performance and minimize repair and replacement issues and expenses. But, there’s a lot more that …

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MFCP Mailbag: What’s the Difference Between AN and AND Fittings?

A common question we get is, “What is the difference between AN and AND fittings?” It can be a particularly confusing area, so you’re not alone. It’s confusing for some because AN fittings are Air Force – Navy Aeronautical Standard fittings and AND fittings are Air Force – Navy Aeronautical Design Standard fittings. Kinda close, right? Let’s take …

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MFCP 101: Top 6 Reasons Hoses Fail

Nothing lasts forever. Sadly, many of the reasons hoses fail have less to do with product life cycle and more to do with avoidable mistakes. Proper hose maintenance can lengthen the life of the hose and keep your equipment up and running. Let’s take a look at the most common reasons hoses fail – and …

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