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Can You Guess the Top Reasons for O-Ring Failure?

The prematurely failing O-ring is a common problem that can be frustrating at best and nearly catastrophic at worst. O-ring seals fail for a variety of reasons that can be difficult to ascertain once the damage has been done. Use this checklist to troubleshoot the cause of your o-ring failures and you may just extend …

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Hydraulics 101: Drive Controlled Pump Technology

As we move and evolve further with the help of modern technology, we expect industrial machinery to evolve as well. In some cases we even expect industrial machinery to lead the way. But industrial machinery has only been able to achieve what it has through the use of hydraulics. Unfortunately, the benefits of hydraulics comes …

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Join Us at the Pacific Marine Expo Nov. 16th!

The largest commercial marine trade show on the West Coast is November 16th – 18th in Seattle: the Pacific Marine Expo. Here’s what you can expect: 450 exhibitors – that includes suppliers, builders, equipment companies and more Sessions featuring topics like marine safety, management, and tech innovations Live demonstrations Presentation by the Fisher Poets Taping …

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Rotary Actuators: Do You Know These Tech Improvements?

Rotary actuators are common components in equipment where movement is necessary. In fact, actuators are so common that it’s presumed that everyone knows the basics about them and how they work. Whether you’ve forgotten some of the fundamentals or are just learning, here’s everything you need to know about rotary actuators. The Beginning An actuator …

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A Motion & Flow Control Products Acquisition: Where Are We Going Next?

ANOTHER EXPANSION FOR MFCP PROMISES TO BRING MORE PRODUCTS TO MORE BUSINESSES Littleton, CO: Motion and Flow Control Products, Inc. (MFCP) is thrilled to announce its acquisition of Intermountain Hydraulics & Automation and Intermountain Hose & Fittings. Based in Salt Lake City and its surrounding areas, Intermountain is a major Parker distributor that perfectly encapsulates …

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How Parker Hannifin Responded to OSHA’s Crystalline Silica Rule

The dangers of the workplace are not just an issue of the past. The fact is that diseases like silicosis, lung cancer, and COPD are still the result of some workplace environments. Silicosis alone kills at least 100 people each year and destroys countless lives and families. In response to the staggering 2.3 million workers …

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The Difference Between Hydraulic Pumps, Cylinders, and Systems

Understanding the different components in hydraulic systems can be daunting at best. Here we break down the differences between hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, and hydraulic systems, as well as answer some common questions, and and dig into some misconceptions. Hydraulics 101 Before we get too deep down the rabbit hole, it’s important to make sure …

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PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Transair® by Parker Hannifin

Most pipe systems are known for pressure loss, tough installation, and all around limitations that take a toll on your time. It doesn’t matter if you are manufacturing air or have a centralized vacuum system, sometimes the entire system can feel like more of a hindrance than a help. Parker Hannifin has addressed all of …

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What NOT to do When Your Hydraulic Fitting Leaks

The safety of your hydraulic hose assembly is an issue we all keep top of mind. Despite the technological advancements improving the safety of each component, fitting leaks are still a pesky problem that can have disastrous consequences. Because the pressurized contents in the line can cause a major medical emergency, it’s important to know …

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Hose Basics: The 3 Main Hose Parts

When looking at all of the components of a hydraulic hose assembly, to some, a hose is just a rubber tube. But, when choosing the components of your assembly, you need to focus on the material the tubing is constructed from, the hose fittings, and understanding what kind of application the hose will be used …

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Five Ways Quick Couplings Can Improve Hose Safety

The safety of any hose assembly is always in the back of everyone’s mind. The thought of the hose breaking is troubling, not to mention extremely dangerous. Improving the safety of the hose assembly is actually easier to do than you might think, thanks to two words: quick coupling. Believe it or not, a quick coupling …

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How To Identify Hydraulic Fitting Orientation

Hydraulic hoses can be assembled in a vast array of configurations and angles; many of these configurations involve two bent hoses. You’ll never be able to find the right fittings for a hose assembly like that if you don’t know how to find their orientation. (Making sure the hoses are oriented to each other will …

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