Partner With the Best: BrakeQuip Hose

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Working with hydraulics means hoses are your priority.

Any tiny leak means trouble for heavy machinery, assembly lines and other industrial processes. At Motion & Flow Control Products, our team understands your system’s components. We’re proud to work with BrakeQuip as a dedicated partner toward our shared success.

Learn more about the BrakeQuip products and services that we support. Your hydraulics will work wonders as a result.

Wire braiding making the grade

A basic part of any hydraulic hose is interior braiding. The rubber housing is just the start of the complexities found in a BrakeQuip hose. This brand actually uses two layers of braiding that are derived from a nylon material.

These braiding layers provide specific benefits, including:

  • Reduced expansion on the hose’s girth
  • Flexibility to provide durability in the field.

Every hose has its specific applications so choosing the right construction is critical to success. Our team can help you match a BrakeQuip hose to your project for the best efficiency around.

Compatibility with common fluids

Another aspect of hydraulic hoses is their compatibility with the fluids used in various industries. From silicon-based to oil-based, fluids have many molecular structures that can break down the average hose. BrakeQuip takes this reality and turns it on its head.

Each hose has compatibility with a number of different fluids. Ask our MFCP experts about your application and particular hose. In most cases, your hose can take on almost any fluid type.

If there’s an unusual application, we can find a solution for you. Our team doesn’t just sell the hoses. We also build them on site.

Building to your specifications

If you’ve ever experienced purchasing problems in regards to hydraulic hoses, you aren’t alone. There are always unusual specifications that must be met for certain systems. At MFCP, our Parker stores are proud to support your customized needs. We can create hoses to your exact dimensions, including:

  • Length
  • Fitting selection
  • Pressure demands

An issue that customers often face is the question of who can create a hose that’s of high quality. No one wants an improperly constructed hose that fails after a few uses. Our team works with BrakeQuip hoses on a daily basis so we know the ins and outs of this brand.

The Pressure Question

If you work with hydraulics on a regular basis, you understand that pressure is a constant concern.

System fluctuations can definitely hinder productivity and produce excessive wear on the hoses. BrakeQuip designs their hoses with operational pressures that can reach as high as 1,050 PSI.

This fact doesn’t mean that they can’t withstand higher pressures. A test maximum of 3,000 PSI is the rule at BrakeQuip. For this reason, MFCP is proud to support and construct these hose assemblies.

Fittings that well, fit

Hydraulic workers have seen every frustration on the job, including fittings that hinder hose connections. Choose from two fittings from BrakeQuip, such as:

  • Standard
  • Low profile

When you have a tight fit, look for low-profile fittings. Standard fittings will work in every other scenario. You always have a choice with BrakeQuip hoses.

Reliability every time

Because MFCP and BrakeQuip want your job site to run with peak efficiency, you can count on hoses that are reliable day in and day out.

After constructing the hoses, our team tests and examines each length for any defects. The final customer isn’t the guinea pig in this scenario.

Technicians verify these components before shipping or handing the product out, such as:

  • Fittings
  • Fitting connections
  • Hose stability
  • Hose length

Take a look at the hose before you put it into operation too. If you aren’t pleased with a product, we’re happy to go above and beyond your needs.

Our team at MFCP is pleased to help you with any questions about hoses and BrakeQuip as a brand. Discover the difference that this brand makes in your hose quality and design. Every machine will work longer than before with BrakeQuip hoses in operation.