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Adaptall America Inc. is a successful entity with manufacturing facilities in Twinsburg, Ohio. It offers fittings and adapters for a variety of applications. Hydraulic fittings, hydraulic adapters, hydraulic applications, ring face seal orfs, and swivels npsm are some solutions they offer. Adaptall also makes steel fittings designed for many different markets, including construction, agriculture, aerospace, manufacturing, and military. Since Adaptall produces both generic and custom products, customers can request specialized tube fitting, too.

About Adaptall

Adaptall has produced high-quality, dependable products since 1985. The minute Adaptall opened its doors, it provided an answer to consumer demand for a unique threaded connector designed specifically for the fitting and hydraulic hose industries. Although Adaptall originated in Canada, Adaptall America Inc. began when the company opened an office in the US based on positive and overwhelming consumer response. Its manufacturing branch was launched in 1998. Based on successful consumer relations and fast turnaround times, Adaptall America Inc. was established in 2002 in Ohio. It has grown exponentially since then and continues to provide American consumers with reliable products such as hydraulic adapters and hydraulic fittings.

Products and Solutions

In addition to its high-quality products, Adaptall developed a reputation for its ability to convert stainless steel fittings and hydraulic adapters from metric (international) to imperial (American) threads. The company has American, British, and Metric product lines to satisfy the unique needs of consumers working with any high-pressure hydraulic system. Adaptall also has a line of mobile equipment. Both consumers and distributors benefit from Adaptall’s style fitting and adapter kits. These kits are designed for applications, including light-duty, heavy-duty, metric, and more.

With expert staff on hand to answer questions, a large inventory of products in stock, and the capability for same-day delivery, Adaptall easily satisfies customers around the country.

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