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Alemite supplies quality lubrication systems and equipment to satisfy the needs of multiple industries. Alemite is a leader in the designing and manufacturing of cost-effective lubrication and fluid handling systems.

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Focused on you, since 1918

Since 1918, Alemite has focused on meeting industry needs by offering quality lubrication systems backed by innovative solutions and engineering.

Products by Alemite, whether they’re accessories, fittings, or lubricant systems, are designed to improve workplace safety and productivity. Products and solutions like:

  • Industrial fittings
  • Fluid handling equipment
  • Fluid management systems
  • Lubricator/lubrication accessories
  • Aerospace fittings
  • Compressed air components
  • Control valves and meters
  • Centralized lubrication systems

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Product Spotlight: Fluid Handling Equipment

Check out the Plastic Used Fluid Drain, which is great for lift-mount vehicles, and ideal for multi-bay shops – or anywhere movement is restricted. The height of the pickup tube that extends from the cam-lock to the button of the reservoir is adjustable — that’s great, especially for the collection of debris between cleanings.

Product Spotlight: Lubrication Accessories

Check out the Lube cart, Alemite’s multi-function drum car, a super-efficient piece of equipment. It’s designed to handle:

  • hose reel
  • pump
  • meter

This gives you the ability to dispense oil or grease wherever you need. It can safely carry lubricant containers up to 400 lbs. (That makes the fact that you can attach it to a motorized cart pretty handy.)

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