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Alliance Plastics and Essentra are both world leaders in the area of plastic and fiber products. Essentra is based in London. Alliance Plastics is a veteran-owned company that prides itself on exceptional customer service and strategic partnerships. Ultimately, they strive to bring you the best in product quality, innovation, and customer service. Wherever you are located nationwide, your needs will be met with efficiency, quality, and integrity. After all, both companies strive to bring you exceptional service and innovative, high-quality, and long-lasting products. Together, the two companies offer premium products such as cable clamps, cable ties, bumper feet, knobs, cable grommets, and rivets. No matter what kind of product they provide you with, they strive to be at the forefront of technology.

Their History

Since its foundation, Alliance has come a long way (and grown exponentially) since it started out simply producing films. Today, it personally makes more than 70% of the products it sells. In an age of automated production and outsourcing, it is quite proud of this claim! With this acclaim, Alliance is proud to be a unique and crucial component of the distributor supply chain. Its products cover the gamut of both custom and generic. No matter what kind of product you require, Alliance gets it to you in exceptionally short lead time. Private branding programs and product bundling are product delivery options where we shine.

Customer experience, as evidenced by the company’s strong customer base and dedicated employees, surpasses most others in the industry. Furthermore, in addition to exceptional customer service, both companies also offer innovative products and solutions that others can’t produce. By offering unique products to meet customers’ needs, along with a dedication to discovering the “latest and greatest” in technology and product development, the company is committed to bringing customers the best at present and the best for the future.

How It Works

Today, the pair continues to persevere with a diverse and successful collection of products. However, their mission is also to thank for their success. They make a point to purchase in small quantities, which gives their distributor partners a distinct advantage. By purchasing in this capacity, they make partners’ pricing more competitive and improve their efficiency. Ultimately, this principle leads to better cash flow and improves the partners’ inventory returns. The duo emerges as a leader in customer service, manufacturing, and product imports.

When you want the best in technology and development, don’t hesitate to contact Alliance Plastics and Essentra. With customer service as a top priority and a dedication to customer satisfaction, they are your go-to resource when you need reliable, high-quality, and innovative product solutions.

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