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Metals are a gift of the earth. Transition metals have higher boiling and melting points. Copper is one of them! Mankind has been working with copper since approximately 9000 BC! As an Anderson supplier, we know copper, copper alloys, and its abilities in improving your home, workplace, and construction. Anderson Metals strives to manufacture the best quality components for your home or building. Check us out! Remember, inventory is available online, enter a chat, or email us. Get a free quote!

A Trusted Brand Since 1947

Anderson is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. It’s in the business of manufacturing plumbing supplies, plumbing fixtures, and trims. It also makes rods, castings, forgings, and valves. It offers a line of lead-free brass products, too! At Anderson, we know metals. We ship the same day! We strive to be the master of metallurgy products. Plumbers check us out! Anderson offers more than 33 million metal fittings.

Product Line

• Brass Fittings (connectors, adapters or a coupling)

• Brass Fittings Valves (cast-brass valves are threaded and have a 400 PSI)

• Brass Pipes (all lead-free)

• Copper Pipes (high melting point)

• Pipe Fittings (available in American Standard measurements)

• Pipe Nipples (AMC lead-free)

• Plumbing Applications


Product Differences

Copper can occur in a natural state. It can be found pure in the earth. An alloy is a mixture of metals. Brass is an alloy of copper-containing zinc. Bronze is an alloy of copper-containing tin. Lastly, copper is great for wiring, conduction, and heat transfer. However, when you add zinc or tin to copper it becomes so much stronger and durable!

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