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APSCO manufactures pneumatic cylinders, controls, and valves for the mobile, truck equipment, and automotive markets.

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Pneumatic Cylinder Breakdown:

Tailgate Latch: great for heavy truck and mobile equipment industries. Think of high tensile steel rods (plated for corrosion resistance), and quick strong tailgate latching/unlatching.

Highlift Series: the lightweight design of these pneumatic cylinders come in three different varieties:

  1. Standard, which is great for dump trailers or dump body’s high lift tailgate needs. Rod wipers come standard on every high lift cylinder (plus bearing blocks on the longer strokes).
  2. Twin, engineered so you don’t have to sacrifice bed width to accommodate larger cylinders needed to lift a gate. These twin high lift cylinders give you the exact force needed for taller gates, but boost a 4″ footprint.
  3. Round, developed for OEM needs to take weight out of trailer and body designs. Available in 4″ and 5″ bores, this versatile design eliminates tie rods and end raps for major weight savings.

To learn more about pneumatic products and what applications APSCO products are great for, call our team today.

Valves and Switches

Whether it’s two horizontal thru-hole mounting or bulkhead mounts and horizontal mounting holes — APSCO has you covered with tons of options like:

  • Push-Pull 3 Way
  • Push-Pull 4 Way
  • Air Toggle
  • Air Rocker Valves
  • Specialty Valves
  • Electric Solenoid Valves
  • Electric Rocker Switches

Whatever your port, width, body length, depth etc., needed, the valve you need is just a phone call away. You can even fill out a quote online right now, or chat with one of our experts. However you want help, we’re here to offer it.