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Atlantex Manufacturing Corporation

Atlantex Manufacturing is a veteran-owned and family-owned company based in Chester County, Pennsylvania. For over 50 years, Atlantex Manufacturing has created products for fire protection, thermal insulation, exhaust heat, heat shielding, heat insulation, heat flow, and heat transfer. They also supply insulating materials and thermal insulation materials. Over the years, the company has earned international recognition as a leading manufacturer of solutions-oriented, abrasion-resistant, and high-temperature technical textiles. Their products are used in many markets such as appliance, industrial, and automotive. Creating innovative solutions for the most demanding and challenging conditions is where Atlantex shines. Based on consumer feedback and product development, Atlantex continually strives to make its best even better.

Product Lines

Atlantex offers a number of product lines. They include Fire Protection (Pyrotex S/G), Thermal Insulation (Pyrotherm), Abrasion (Tufftex & Spiral Guard), Advanced Fiber (Aramid), Heat Shielding (ReflectTherm), and Cable Management (Tufftex M).

The fire protection line includes durable fire sleeves designed to protect hydraulic hoses from damage due to direct flame, high heat, and other hazards. Fire sleeves are made of braids and knitted materials. Atlantex’s thermal insulation products are used for insulation and thermal protection purposes in many industries and applications. Fiberglass rope, fiberglass sleeves, and fiberglass tape are a few products in this line. The abrasion product line protects lines, cables, hoses, and wires from wear and tear. This line includes “Tufftex B,” which is a newly developed product that is lightweight, durable, and colorful. Advanced fiber products, such as braids, Kevlar fabric, and Kevlar knit fabrics, are specially designed to protect people and equipment in many applications. Heat shielding products extend the longevity of components in demanding environments. They also reduce thermal transfer and maintain top operating efficiency. Cable management solutions bundle and protect cables from wear and abrasion.

Quality and Innovation

With extensive manufacturing capabilities, Atlantex has the ability to deliver high-quality and timely solutions to customers around the world. Their intimate knowledge of the unique challenges customers continually face is a catalyst for consistently improving products and product performance.

Customer Service

Purchasing from Atlantex, the company proudly notes, means you’re not just a name and number. Instead, you’re treated like a family member. Every customer who orders a product from Atlantex Manufacturing, whether it’s an automotive heat shield, insulating material, or anything else, is given personal attention to ensure he or she gets the best product for the job.

With exceptional customer service, dedication to research and development, and a broad range of solutions, Atlantex Manufacturing is committed to meeting customers’ needs.

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