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Bondioli & Pavesi

BONDIOLI & PAVESI Inc was established in 1980 and is based out of Ashland, Virginia. The company has provided service in the US (and Canadian) markets for more than 30 years, focusing on delivering high performance mechanical and hydraulic products. Products like:

  • gear pumps and motors
  • directional control valves (plus control valves and inline valves)
  • electronic control units
  • parallel shaft gearboxes
  • fan drive systems

Whatever product or parts you may need for your application, MFCP has you covered. Give our expert team a call, chat with us right here online, or even submit a quote in one easy step. Get yours now, and get better products.

Product Spotlight: Open circuit axial piston pumps

Ideal to operate hydraulic motors and cylinders, these piston pumps are great on mobile agricultural and construction machinery. (Also for lifting and cleaning applications.)

These pumps feature control logic options. Think hydraulic load sensing, plus:

  • electronic load sensing
  • constant pressure
  • constant power (for specific applications)

Did you know that these pumps can be outfitted with pressure sensors and swash plate angle sensors?

BONDIOLI & PAVESI also offer silent gear pumps, which significantly reduce hydraulic pulsation of the oil flow. That means lower oil levels, which is perfect for industrial applications where you need soft acoustics. Also, feel free to shop BONDIOLI & PAVESI products online here.

Find out more about these products and how they can help your productivity by giving our team a call or submitting a quote request. Also, feel free to shop BONDIOLI & PAVESI products online here.

Product Spotlight: Hydraulic integrated circuits

The design of these products is focused on one thing: energy efficiency. By integrating many functions into an all-in-one, component reduces couplings, pipelines, and hoses — meaning you save space and assembly time. Win/win.