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Carrand Companies is a leading producer of cleaning tools. If you want a clean car or a clean home, Carrand makes it happen. Carrand Companies was founded in the early 1980s. Today, it provides innovative consumer products. Carrand has a turn-key product line where products are designed, engineered, marketed, and distributed in-house. At present, Carrand has more than 200 cleaning tools. Carrand is based in Carson, California. Its headquarters and production facility are conveniently co-located. Carrand is a subsidiary of the Hopkins Corporation, which is a manufacturing company based in Kansas that manufactures and distributes automotive products.

Products and Solutions

Carrand produces a variety of innovative and practical solutions to give consumers a clean car and a clean home.

The company’s automotive supplies include a grip and spray power wash, non-slip brushes and handles, and chenille for gently cleaning and easy access to all surfaces. This product line also includes a full brush line with soft-bristled brushes designed to thoroughly and effectively clean a vehicle’s surface without causing chips, scratches, or other paint damage.

Carrand also makes a special line of cleaning products designed for trucks. These products, which are created for fleet owners and independent drivers, include a range of tools designed to clean a big rig and give it a detailed finish. The big rig product line includes stack brushes made with natural, soft fibers and a complete washing system that includes brushes, fiberglass poles, and other tools built to effectively reach and clean even the toughest spots. For convenience, Carrand’s car and truck cleaning products are available for sale in many locations that offer automotive services and supplies. The big rig line is also offered for sale at many heavy-duty truck parts stores.

As for its household cleaning line, Carrand produces many tools and supplies designed to create a sparkling clean home. This includes brushes of assorted sizes, mitts, sponges, dustpans, and more. In addition to creating a broad product line with innovative and comprehensive cleaning solutions, the company also produces high-quality products that stand up to heavy use and hold up over time.

Customer Service

As a family-owned business, Carrand strives to make and maintain equally good relationships with community members and customers worldwide. Since its foundation, Carrand has expanded its product line to more than 25,000 retail stores. That number continues to increase.

Each year, Carrand adds more products to its list. In the past three years alone, it has created more than 50 products. With small-town values and a global reach, Carrand is a commitment to producing top-notch products for cars and homes.

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