Delta Computer Systems

Delta Computer Systems offers high performance hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric motion controllers. Industrial customers, this is a great brand to take note of. To find out if Delta Computer Systems has the right hydraulic or pneumatic products for you, give our expert team a call.

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The Delta Way

MFCP and Delta Computer Systems both pride themselves on delivering lasting value. You need products you can rely on. Products that provide quality. (You also want to know that the products you fall in love with are going to be available when you need them.)

By partnering with brands like Delta Computer, MFCP ensures you have options. Plus, you can choose products that fit a whole range of applications, whether your focus is hydraulic, pneumatic or something else entirely. Chat with one of our experts online right now, and learn more.

Product Spotlight: Motion Controllers

Check out these industrial hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical closed-loop control motion controllers, which fit a number of different axes.

1 – 2 Axis: RMC75. This is a single and dual-axis motion controller that features the technology of the RMC150. You can add up to 4 expansion modules, including digital I/O and pressure or force inputs.

2 – 8 Axis: RMC150. This multi-axis controller supports many sensors and has easy integration with your preferred operator interfaces, PLCs, and PCs. Plus, you have tons of control with autotuning, motion profiles, and hydraulic-specific parameters.

Up to 32 Axis: RMC200. This is Delta Computer’s newest (and most capable) electro-hydraulic motion controller. Easily synchronize all your axes with Delta’s RMCTools software. And you’ll see new features like:

  • Lower control loop times
  • Increased analog input
  • Output resolution of 18 bits
  • Removable (and field-upgradeable) Feature Key, which specifies the number of customer-ordered control loops

Choose the Easy Path (Seriously)

In business, sometimes the easy way truly is the best way. MFCP makes it easy to pair you with the best brands for your applications and needs.

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