For over 30 years, EPHA has provided high-quality hose protection products. Careful attention to detail, meticulous manufacturing, and top-notch customer service have made the company a recognized leader. If you require a ladder guard, safety sheath, hose protector, hose looms, hose spacers, or other specialty protection products, you’ll find them at EPHA. Along with producing a broad range of products, the company creates solutions in different sizes and shapes to fit a range of hoses.

What Makes EPHA Unique

This company stands out for its hose solution products that are long-lasting and durable. Made of tough abrasion-resistant fabrics, they extend the longevity of the hoses they attach to. They also prevent premature wear at key contact points. Based on studies, the company proudly reports that its popular hose protector can prevent contact point wear by 90%. Furthermore, protectors are made of sturdy hydrocarbon-resistant materials that withstand exposure to solvents like gasoline, grease, and oils. They also hold up in operating temperatures from -40°F to 430°F.

Uses and Applications

EPHA’s hose spacers, hose looms, and other hose protection products are used in many industries such as ground support, trucking, public transportation, industrial, waste management, and road maintenance. They protect many products such as battery cables, wiring harnesses, fuel lines, airlines, hydraulic hoses, oil lines, and radiator hoses. No matter what kind of product you get, rest assured that it is made of impact-resistant materials that resist chemical exposure and abrasion.

Injury prevention is also an area of concern for EHPA. The ladder guard and safety sheath are two products designed with user safety in mind.

For more than 30 years, EPHA has delivered high-quality products to many industries with an emphasis on consumer safety and satisfaction. From hose protectors to safety solutions, they have consumers’ work needs covered.

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