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Federal Process Co.

Since 1915, Federal Process Company has combined engineering knowledge, scientific research, and customer satisfaction to produce top-notch products. Today, the company has several specialized divisions as well. They include Gasoila, Fedchem, and J&B Products. Although owned by the same parent company, each division has a different area of expertise.

Company Information

Federal Process Company was established in 1915. It continues to operate out of its headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. The company remains a family-owned organization that produces high-quality products and maintains excellent relationships with consumers. Federal Process supplies products to several industrial niche markets. Although the company started out producing pipe thread sealants, it has since expanded its product line to include many more products specially developed with an intimate knowledge of chemicals.

Federal Process Company’s Divisions

Each division of Federal Process is responsible for manufacturing, marketing, and distributing a unique product line. Gasoila produces pipe thread sealants. Its high standards for product production have not changed since 1915, even though it continues to create innovative solutions that meet current market needs. Gasoila’s products are found in the plumbing, petroleum, automotive, HVAC, and industrial markets. Fedchem specializes in organic-based products made out of aluminum. Its products are used in the grease, oil, and ink industries, among others. Manalox ink is one of its largest products. J&B Products manufactures plumbing products for kitchens and bathrooms worldwide. Its products include a range of brass and plastic plumbing components and accessories. The division also has a brand of European-style products as well. All divisions of Federal Process manufacture their products in the US, even though they have different manufacturing locations.

For over 100 years, Federal Process has stood by its commitment to producing long-lasting and attractive products for consumers. Today, its mission remains the same as its product selection continually expands.

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