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When you need contamination control, contact Flangelock. As a premier producer of contamination control tools to protect hydraulic systems, the company has customers’ best interests in mind. Its products are a winning combination of safe, affordable, and effective. This ensures the highest possible standards of consumer safety and satisfaction. Unlike competitors, the company makes its products as user-friendly as possible. Its hydraulic flanges, for instance, don’t require tools to open. Made of lightweight aluminum, they keep contamination at bay without being heavy, cumbersome, and unwieldy to use. The company’s contamination tools are also leakproof, which ensures that they keep leaks and messes at bay.

Industries Served

From coast to coast, Flangelock’s products are invaluable to many industries. Some of its main users are the marine, industrial, mining, and construction sectors. Essentially, any time the threat of contamination exists and can create significant harm, the company’s contamination tools will help. Furthermore, its tools are user-friendly and low-maintenance, which minimizes time spent on training and learning how to use them safely and correctly.

Product Selection and Availability

Tools, toolboxes, and custom tools are all available from Flangelock for contamination control. Customers can also order kits with assorted products to handle their contamination containment needs. The company’s products are color-coded and offered in many different sizes to ensure a precise fit. Customers who need a specific solution to their contamination problems are encouraged to contact the company’s customer service department, which is easily accessible and dedicated to helping consumers find the solution they need. All products, regardless of whether they are standard or special-order, are put through a rigorous inspection to ensure safety and quality.

When contamination is a problem, Flangelock is a solution. The company offers a variety of products designed to control and combat contamination before disaster strikes.

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