Flaretite Inc.

Leaks and drips are a major headache. Whether you own a home, restaurant, business, or other commercial entity, they can be your worst nightmare. But when leaks arise, Flaretite is there to help. The company, simply put, offers the “ultimate” solution to fixing leaks. Customers can order a hydraulic seal, wrench, or kit to fix a hydraulic leak. More comprehensive split kits are available as well. The company is headquartered in the United States, but it also has a second office in Australia to quickly and efficiently serve customers around the world.

Product Solutions

For years, Flaretite has been in business to detect and stop hydraulic leaks before they become a catastrophic problem. After all, a hydraulic leak can cost a tremendous amount of time (and money) to fix. One of the company’s main products is the hydraulic seal. This seal is made of metal. It is designed with numerous concentric seal rings. The seal is then coated with a special material that is baked on to create an impermeable surface. When placed into a fitting, the seal’s concentric rings form an airtight and watertight surface with the fitting flare. This seals out moisture and either stops or prevents leaks. A torque wrench, which is another product, is ideal for HVAC mini-split applications. The wrench is a perfect tool to use when OEM-specific torque settings are mandatory.

HVAC Tools

Along with its regular product lines, the company also offers a specialty product line designed specifically for HVAC consumers. These products include mini-split kits, flaring tools, digital torque wrench, and torque wrench set.

As homeowners and business owners will agree, there’s nearly no worse problem than a leak. Large or small, a leak needs to be fixed. Fortunately, Flaretite’s innovative solutions stop leaks in their tracks.

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