Producing innovative, customer, and engineer-approved products for a variety of applications, FlexFab is a well-known, respected, and trusted name worldwide. The company uses a variety of unique materials, innovative designs, and engineering prowess to create a wide range of products. If you need ducting, silicone tubing, or a silicone hose, this company provides it. Based in Hastings, Michigan, it is dedicated to providing customers with quality products in a timely fashion both in the US and internationally.

Company Background

Flexfab was established in 1961. A rarity in today’s competitive world, the company has always prided itself on being a place that people respect and where people want to work. That has not changed in decades. The company simply abides by the acronym “HEARTS,” which stands for “Honesty, Excellence, Accountability, Respect, Teamwork, and Support.” The company takes pride in its outstanding community relations and strives to make positive impacts daily in the local and broader-reaching communities that it serves. The company also works with non-profits, such as United Way, to best serve its customers’ interests. A commitment to success, education, and excellence has driven Flexfab’s employees and products throughout time, and they continue to be a fundamental part of the company’s motives today.

Products and Industries Served

Over the years, the company has supported many industries. The trucking, aerospace, automotive, and SDI industries are some markets that depend on a quality silicone hose, silicone tubing, or ducting for the workday. While the company is proud to offer innovative and effective solutions, it is also committed to research and development that improves products every day.

When the best isn’t good enough, Flexfab steps in to help. This organization is dedicated to customer satisfaction, as evidenced by the sheer volume of quality products and superior customer service that it offers.

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