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Generant designs, manufactures, and sells tube fittings, pressure regulators, and relief valves. Its products are used in many industries and applications. These include energy, chemical processing, industrial operations, and medical gases. The company makes general products for consumer use, but it also specializes in developing novel problem-solving solutions designed to meet consumers’ unique needs. Its products ultimately give equipment manufacturers, systems designers, and end-users many choices and options when faced with demanding projects.

About Generant

Generant was formed in New Jersey more than 75 years ago. Its roots date back to the early 1930s when it was established by an engineer and businessman named Albert Simon. The company’s first product line was small. It included lubricators, needle valves, pressure regulators, and filters. However, the company owned a patent for the Air Pressure Regulator, which started producing shortly after. In the 1960s, the company changed ownership and acquired a second company that made machine products. This allowed its production line to expand significantly. The company also moved its headquarters to Butler, NJ. A second manufacturing facility also exists in PA.

Products and Resources

Today, Generant’s products are available in several product lines. Cryogenics and regulators are two of its most popular product categories. It also produces a line of assorted valves, including relief valves, check valves, gas control valves, and others. The tube fitting line, which is called “Bi-Lok,” is another specialized category. These tube fittings are designed to fit many different instruments. If customers aren’t sure what to order or how to use products, Generant’s online resources, including calculators, catalogs, and user instruction manuals, help out.

For over 75 years, this company has delivered innovative and long-lasting products to consumers. With resources and tools available to help, finding a custom solution is easier than ever.

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