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Gent-L-Kleen offers a practical solution to an everyday problem: sanitation. Its products, including hand cleaner, wipes, and hand lotion, are designed to improve cleanliness and reduce the risk of disease spread and contamination. Since 2014, the company has produced professional-grade products for many uses, including residential homes, industrial shops, and commercial establishments such as restaurants and hospitals. The company partnered with a Netherlands-based company called Dreumex in 2010. Although the company is now officially called “Dreumex USA Inc.,” it continues to manufacture a line of hand cleaning products under its original name.

About the Brand

Gent-l-Kleen was established in 1949. Since it began, it has developed many hand-cleaning products such as hand lotion and hand cleaner. Following its merger with Dreumex, however, the company’s product lines expanded even more. Now, it produces hand wipes and disinfecting wipes as well. Recently, the company launched the first no-rinse hand wipes designed specifically for the food industry. These wipes destroy many foodborne pathogens, viruses, and harmful bacteria, such as E. Coli and Shigella.

Products and Supplies

Along with hand cleaning products, the company also makes supplies to hold hand soap and lotion. Customers can also order a hand cleaner dispenser to match their hand soap of choice. The brand creates an assorted wall-mounted dispenser designed for fast installation and convenient access in commercial and industrial settings. While the general wall-mounted hand cleaner dispenser holds a fairly large volume of hand soap, a larger reservoir dispenser, which looks like a mounted tank, holds considerably more.

Hand sanitation and cleanliness is essential to many business operations. This is especially true in industries with a high risk of contamination and the spread of diseases, such as the healthcare and food industries. With a full line of products and mounting solutions, Gent-l-Kleen ensures safety comes first.

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