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Many companies offer some kind of guarantee for their products. But Kano takes it a step further. If you’re not satisfied with their products, you don’t pay! The company, which has been in business since the 1930s, distributes products to small companies, Fortune 500 companies, and every consumer in between. It specializes in lubricating oils, which includes the product line called “Kano Kroil” that has been featured on television. Along with its most famous product, the company sells other products for various industries. This includes engine cleaners, maintenance solutions, and other industrial solutions.

About the Company

This company has produced lubricating oils since 1939. Its products have earned a reputation as high-quality solutions that protect against engine wear. The company’s products have been developed over the years through scientific research and customer feedback. Its lubricating oils contain a special proprietary molecular design that creates an affinity to various metals. This enables rapid penetration and bond breakage. The oils were laboratory-tested to solve a common problem of frozen metal components. As such, they were developed through chemical engineering to address that very problem, regardless of cause.

Industrial Products

Along with oils, the company makes a number of industrial products, too. This includes rust remover, mold release, industrial glass cleaner, leak detector, and adhesive materials. Industrial lubricants are another specialty that the company offers. Engine cleaners, which are designed for the trucking industry, clean engines internally to improve their performance, longevity, and effectiveness. Kreen and Floway are two products in this category. They are designed for both diesel and gasoline engines to ensure the most widespread use possible.

When your equipment needs to keep going, this company helps out. Specializing in lubricant oils and other industrial products, it keeps trucks and other heavy-duty equipment going strong and lasting a long time.

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