Lenz Inc.

Lenz has proudly provided consumers with innovative hydraulic technologies and manufacturing solutions for 50 years. Its specialties include the hydraulic tank, seal tube fitting, and O ring. The company makes hydraulic filters, too. Built to the highest quality standards possible and rigorously tested, its products are disseminated to distributors, companies that make original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products, and other end-use customers. Hose fittings, filters, strainers, pressure gauges, and reservoir accessories are some of its specialty products. To ensure consumers in all industries are satisfied and adequately served, the company continually devotes efforts to researching and developing products for modern uses.

Company Background

The company first opened its doors for business in 1946. Since its launch, and even today, Lenz continues a strong tradition of manufacturing exclusive products, including many types of fittings, and their companion accessories. Using a precise and cutting-edge fitting system, the company has earned a reputation in the industry, and from its customers, for leading the way in product research, manufacturing, and engineering. Although the company initially began by producing fittings, it expanded its product line in the 1970s to include tank accessories, filtration products, and pressure gauges as well. Even though the company’s products are adapted to modern uses over time, the brand’s commitment to quality never changes.

Products and Innovation

Along with offering generic products, this company is also called upon by consumers to develop unique solutions to difficult applications. Its products are relied upon by many industries, including the automotive, agricultural, material handling, and trucking sectors. Over time, the company ‘s thorough research and development practices allow it to continue expanding and developing its product lines.

Specializing in fittings and hydraulic solutions, Lenz has improved business operations and efficiency for consumers since the 1940s. Today, its products are found in industries worldwide.

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