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For over 100 years, Lisle Corporation has produced and sold specialty products and custom tools. Because of its dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, the brand is often called upon to make OEM products. And if there is an automotive tool that you need, chances are good you’ll find it at this corporation. Today, the brand continues to distribute and expand upon its line of specialty tools designed for automotive professionals. This product category contains 500 products to date, and it regularly gets more. The company’s Creepers line, which has existed for over 50 years, features creepers made of steel and plastic. They are relied upon by mechanics around the world. The company has a special division that creates certified equipment for trucks and automobiles, and it creates many tire products, too.

Company History

Lisle Corporation has existed for over 115 years. Its production capacity and product lines have expanded infinitely since then. Initially, the company produced water well drilling machines. However, the demand for those products was only seasonal. To compensate, it began producing lawnmowers, washing machines, and other practical household goods. The company began making automotive components for the first vehicles in the 1920s, including Ford Model T cars. Virtually overnight, its automotive valves become a much-desired component for auto shops around the country, as vehicle valves at the time had a much shorter lifespan.

Product Manufacturing and Distribution

Today, the company continues to stand out as a leader in the automotive industry. Its automotive product line expanded after World War II and continues to grow rapidly. Now, the company makes many products for mechanics, too.

Still as much in demand as ever, Lisle products are proudly made in Iowa and distributed to customers around the world. The company supplies hundreds of generic and specialty auto components daily.

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