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With a line of flexible hoses, fabric ducting, quick disconnect mechanisms, a top-quality extruded thermoplastic hose, and composite hose, Novaflex brings practical and innovative solutions to many industries. True to its word, Novaflex helps consumers get the most from one source. Its broad range of products serves business, commercial, and manufacturing operations in diverse industries that deliver world-class consumer goods and services. Using precision engineering and advanced technology, Nova ensures its products are safe and can withstand exposure to the extreme environments where they operate. The company has numerous offices in the United States, including New Hampshire, Indiana, North Carolina, and headquarters in New Jersey. It has even more offices in Canada and in the United Kingdom. Collectively, its 13 facilities manufacture various product lines and distribute them globally.

Industries Novaflex Serves

From deep underground to the open ocean, Nova creates products and solutions for many end-users. The marine, food and beverage, mining, petroleum, construction, fire, and transportation are some of the sectors that use its products. From preventing spills and leaks to safely transporting hazardous materials, the company’s high-strength and durable components are made to withstand demanding conditions every day.

Product Selection

Novaflex’s vast product selection is grouped into several main categories. This includes industrial ducting, composite hose, HVAC systems, industrial hoses, venting systems, and dry release couplings. Some of its product lines have their own names, such as Z-Flex venting systems and HDC dry release couplings. Adapters, connectors, kits, insulation sleeves, and accessories are some of the items customers can order in these product lines. Safety features are available as well.

Designed to withstand some of the most intense and hazardous conditions, Novaflex’s products are invaluable to operations around the world. Now an international company, its products are recognized around the world for their quality.

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