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OPW Engineered Systems

OPW, a global entity, has several brands and divisions. One is OPW Engineered Systems. This innovative brand makes engineering products designed to solve the problems that face consumers today. Coupling systems and fluid transfer systems are some of the company’s standout products. The company proudly claims it’s the only entity capable of providing pre-manufactured loading arms and loading arm systems designed specifically to meet each customer’s individual needs. Process products, swivel joints, and quick and dry disconnects are a few custom solutions that the brand provides.

OPW’s History

OPW Engineered Systems is part of a larger brand called OPW. OPW has been in existence for over 100 years. It began as a manufacturing plant in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1892. By the early 1900s, it already led the market as a supplier of valves, couplings, and nozzles to top chemical and oil companies. Over time, more products and product lines were added. The company divided into several entities as a result. Since it launched, the company has remained committed to manufacturing, designing, and selling novel solutions designed to transport hazardous products and bulk waste materials. OPW itself is a subsidiary company to the Dover Corporation. Specifically, OPW handles Dover’s fluid division.

Products and Applications

Today, OPW makes products for various applications. Its top-loading applications include corn syrup, asphalt, pressurized liquids, and biodiesel. Its bottom-loading applications include diesel and gasoline. Argon, hydrogen, helium, methane, and oxygen are some of its cryogenic applications. Its total terminal solutions include loading arms, electronic equipment, and API couplers. Engineered products include swivel joints, disconnects, loading systems, and process products.

OPW-ES is an American company with a global reach. Virtually any industry that requires advanced engineering technology to function properly benefits from the brand’s products. Tech support and consumer resources are readily available.

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