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Pacific Echo Inc.

Pacific Echo Inc. – Manufacturer of Industrial, Pool and Landscaping Hoses

Welcome to Pacific Echo Inc., manufacturer of SPIRALITE® brand quality hose and tubing products.

Our SPIRALITE® products have earned industry-wide acclaim as a standard for quality and innovation. As a quality benchmark for over 40 years, SPIRALITE® hoses and tubing can be found on a variety of industrial, commercial, recreational, and agricultural job sites.

Pacific Echo is proud to offer a full line of high-quality, MADE IN THE USA products. SPIRALITE® hoses have been often imitated, but no other brand can match our combination of quality, range, experience, and value.

Pacific Echo, Inc. is an ISO 9001 Certified Company.

Spiralite, Spa-Flex, Pond-Flex and Pac-Flex are all registered trademarks of Pacific Echo, Inc.

Pacific Echo, Inc. is the nation’s leading manufacturer of flexible PVC hose & tubing. We provide high-quality, made in the USA products to a variety of industries.

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