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Parker Hannifin

For over a century, Parker Hannifin Corporation has established a reputation as a global leader in motion and control technologies. The company specializes in motion products, which it develops mostly for the industrial and aerospace markets. Parker uses a combination of engineering precision and expertise to solve the world’s greatest engineering challenges. If you need a quality industrial product built with longevity in mind and designed to meet the most challenging needs and applications, Parker Hannifin is your brand.

About the Company

Over the years, Parker Hannifin Corporation has developed an unparalleled reputation as a global leader in motion and control technology. Parker Hannifin originated as a small Cleveland-based company in 1917. It was then called the Parker Appliance Company. Initially, the company made pneumatic brakes for the transportation industry, including buses, trains, and trucks. Ever the proponent of solving the world’s greatest industrial problems by overcoming engineering challenges, however, the company subsequently expanded its product lines.

Now, the company works with a vast distribution network around the world to bring contemporary, problem-solving products to the industrial and aerospace markets. Today, Parker Hannifin has a presence in 50 countries worldwide. Collectively, it contains over 100 different divisions. Parker also has over 330 manufacturing facilities so that it can create and distribute products as quickly as possible to consumers. Its distribution network has an impressive reach of over 13,000 locations worldwide. Through this network, Parker delivers its services and products to consumers in more than 100 countries. Its motion and control technologies are also found in industrial retail centers with thousands of locations worldwide.

Parker’s Products

Parker Hannifin Corporation has six core product groups. Together, they form the backbone of its motion and control technologies. These groups include hydraulic and pneumatic, filtration, climate control, sealing and shielding, aerospace technologies, and process control.

As the company itself says, its products can be applied to “anything and everything” that moves in the industrial sector. Climate control, fluid and gas handling, process control, shielding, and sealing are just some of the solutions that its products provide. No matter which products consumers want to buy, Parker’s goal is to create innovative solutions that solve their most pressing and complex needs.

Some products you’ll find from Parker Hannifin are:

• Aerospace systems

• Air preparation

• Control technology

• EMI shielding

• Filters, purifiers, and separators

• Fluid power products

• Gas generators

• O-Rings and seals

• Pumps

• Motors, controllers, and drives

• Medical and dental supplies

• Regulators, sensors, monitors, and flow control

• Refrigeration and AC

• Thermal regulation

• Valves

Of all the consumers it serves, the industrial and aerospace markets are some of Parker’s largest clients. Therefore, Parker Hannifin develops its fluid power and industrial product lines with this customer base in mind.

The ever-expanding selection of systems and technologies for the aerospace industry contains practical and innovative solutions. Globally renowned aircraft manufacturers and engine designers use Parker’s products for various needs. Currently, the aerospace line includes fuel-inerting, thermal-management, pneumatic, flight control, and hydraulic components. These systems are designed to bring customers the latest motion and control technologies while simultaneously increasing their profitability and productivity. There are over 100 different products in this category alone to meet consumers’ needs.

In addition to serving specific industries, some of Parker’s product lines are dedicated to individual parts, such as generators. With its generators, Parker has the capacity to provide on-site gas supply products to many industry branches. The company primarily makes gas generators, which are useful for a range of industrial applications. However, hydrogen gas generators, carbon dioxide-free generators, and zero-air gas generators are part of the product line, too. These generators support a variety of instruments and laboratory equipment. Although the gas generator product line varies, all have an easy-use system that enables a quick and efficient means of getting gas instantly on-demand. The company also makes a diverse range of pumps that are useful in many different fields. Its pumps, which are designed with energy efficiency in mind, including fixed-gear, fixed vane, and variable piston designs. They can be controlled electronically or by computer.

Customer Service and Support

Parker Hannifin knows that providing consumers with useful, long-lasting products is only half the battle in creating a satisfied client base. For that reason, the company also has a dedicated customer support team committed to helping consumers get the right products. Online, customers have access to a wealth of resources, including compliance, safety, and certification standards, a CAD software center, product demos, training, industry links, and more.

Parker Hannifin Corporation has been in business for more than 100 years. Over time, it has developed a reputation as a knowledgeable and respectable global leader in motion. With a worldwide network and a diverse range of product solutions, Parker is a recognized industry name.

Parker Product Lines

Accumulator Cooler Division Parker

Automation Group Parker

Parker Autoclave

Chelsea Parker

Chromerics Parker

CSS-Composite Sealing Systems Division Parker

Denison Parker

Electronic Controls Division Parker

Engineered Materials Group Parker

EPS-Engineered Polymer Systems Division Parker

ESD-Engineered Seals Division Parker

Filtration Group Parker

Finite Airtek Filtration Division Parker

Fluid Connectors Group Parker

Fluid Control Division Parker

Fluid System Connectors Division Parker


Parker Gear Pump Division

Hydraulic Cartridge Systems Division Parker

Hydraulic Filter Division Parker

Hydraulic Pump and Motor Division Parker

Hydraulic Pump Division Parker

Hydraulic Valve Division Parker

Hydraulics Group Parker

Parker Hose

Industrial Hose Division Parker

Instrumentation Group Parker

ISS-Integrated Sealing Systems Division Parker

Parker cylinder Division

Parker JM Clipper Oil Seals

Medical Systems Division Parker

Mobile Climate Systems Division Parker

Parker Mobile Cylinder Division

Oildyne Division Parker

Parker O-Ring Division

Parker Parflex Division

Partek Division Parker

PGI Division Parker

Phoenix Division Parker

Pneumatic Division Parker

Porter Instruments Division Parker

Parker Quick Coupling Division

Racor Division Parker

SSD Drives Division North America Parker

Parker Tube Fittings Division

Transair Parker

Parker TechSeal Division

Vansco Parker

Velcon Parker

Veriflo Division Parker

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