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In the oil and gas industry, contamination issues have a negative impact on the environment and business. However, contamination problems are one of the biggest challenges that companies in the industry face. Fortunately, Peco is in business to provide complex contaminant management solutions. Peco’s solutions include filter housings, filter cartridges, and separation products. Its filtration products, which continually evolve to meet the growing and changing demands of the industry, are designed to cut down on contamination exposure in process equipment. This reduces downtime, energy consumption, and equipment damage. The company has a reputation for effective, creative, and unique solutions, which is accomplished largely by working with its customers to understand, and in turn produce, precisely what they need.

Company Profile

PecoFacet has been in business for over 75 years. The company continually develops products through engineering prowess, continuous research, and by utilizing its large network of valuable resources. Today, many companies in the broad industrial sector use Peco’s products to prevent contamination. To effectively meet its consumers’ needs, Peco has multiple manufacturing facilities and office buildings in the US and around the world. The company is owned by Clarcor, which in turn is part of the Parker Hannafin Company. Parker Hannafin is recognized as one of the leading filtration product companies around the world.

Markets, Products, and Applications

Consumers can purchase an array of filter cartridges and filter housings from PecoFacet. They are used to manage natural gas, ethylene, shale gas, petrochemicals, and more. The company’s products can remove both liquid and solid contaminants that otherwise impede delivery and slow down the process.

When consumers need to get gasoline and oil from one place to the next safely and efficiently, they need reliable products to do so. For that, they turn to Peco, a global industry leader.

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