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Pig's Tail USA

Pigs Tail USA is in business to provide customers with a perfect pig’s tail spiral wrap for every occasion. The company’s wraps are specially fortified to provide heavy-duty protection for hydraulic hoses and other industrial products. The company offers a full product line of spiral wraps and hose guards. Its signature product is the pig’s tail wrap, but it makes other products too, such as anti-abrasion sleeves and product lines dedicated to hose protection, cable protection, and more. For safety, quality assurance, and customer satisfaction, its products are produced under stringent ISO-certified management protocols. As a result, they are durable, tough, and flexible. Customers can order them in many different colors, styles, and sizes, too. Accessories are also available to complement any purchase.

About the Brand

With millions of products in stock and millions more made each day, customers enjoy fast and personalized service and solutions from the company. More than 40,000 standard parts are available to fix machinery and components quickly, which reduces downtime and lost productivity. An experienced team of 15 design engineers and nearly a dozen manufacturing facilities around the world make Pigs Tail a trusted and recognized name in the industrial, commercial, and distribution markets.

Applications, Products, and Materials

Each day, Pigs Tail’s products prove valuable in many applications. This includes hydraulics, compressed gas, electronics, aviation, hose guards, packaging, automotive, and more. For durability and longevity, its products are made of many materials such as vinyl, silicone, molded rubber, and polyethylene. Along with spiral wraps, customers can buy masking supplies, tubing materials, containers, plastic caps, labware, thread protectors, and other practical products from the brand, too.

With a global reach but a personalized approach to business, Pigs Tail offers consumers a wide range of custom solutions to their most demanding business applications every day.

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