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Knowledge and innovation, Prevost says, have made it a recognized leader in compressed air products for decades. Consumers rely on the brand for quick couplings and compressed air distribution products. The automotive industry and industrial sector are two of the main industries that the company serves. In addition to keeping a steady supply of parts in stock, the company relies on its in-house research and development team to continually expand its line of product offerings and offer exclusive, patented products that consumers won’t find anywhere else.


Company Background


Prevost began in the late 1970s. It was established in an industrial region of France. Upon its foundation, the company created the first metal coupling designed with a square button. By the 1980s, the brand improved its locking technology. In the 1990s, it created more couplings and launched several industry-first designs. The company increased product production and branched into new product lines over the next decade. By the early 2000s, it had a global presence in the United States and other key locations around the world. One of its largest manufacturing facilities is located in South Carolina. From there, it produces and ships products to clients in over 80 countries. The company’s headquarters still remain in France today.


Product Selection


The company’s compressed air products fall into several categories. They include connection, distribution, and treatment. There is also a self-service line of products for individuals who want to install parts themselves or make their own repairs. The company offers online documentation that guides consumers in which products to get and how to use them. The brand also has product training solutions to train customers in product usage, too.


With a global client base and products delivered around the world, Prevost stands out as a recognized leader in compressed air technology.

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