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For years, Stride Tool has designed and manufactured hand tools and equipment for a broad consumer base ranging from homeowners wanting to complete DIY projects to professionals. Specialty technicians, home contractors, and other industry experts call on the company’s products daily to get the job done. Now, the company provides tailored solutions for many industrial applications such as tube working, the automotive industry, electrical, energy, and more. A combination of standard products and custom solutions gives the company’s end users all the right tools they need to finish the most complex, challenging, and precise projects. In early 2019, the company was acquired by DiversiTech, which has increased its product range and diversified even more.

About the Company

Stride Tool began in New York State in 1908. Today, it is based in Glenwillow, Ohio. Originally, the company created a small line of automotive repair tools. Over the course of 15 years, its product line diversified considerably. In 1995, the company acquired a specialty tool manufacturing company in Ohio, which is in its current location. From its home base, the company creates and distributes custom solutions and innovative products to consumers in the HVAC, service, and automotive industries around the world. Its main product line is called Imperial. Within this line, you’ll find specialty tools, including brass valves and fittings. The company has earned several awards throughout history, including a designation as Walmart’s “Partner of the Year.”

Brands and Services

Stride currently has a range of services and brands designed to help the specialty technician. Its services include a global network of distributors for marketing and sales, private label development, and auto aftermarket part distribution. Bright Solutions, Milbar, and Lakeland Products are its brand lines.

Based in the US, Stride Tool provides equipment and support to all customers needing specialized hand tools.

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