Hydraulic Parts: Comparing Braided and Spiral Hose Designs

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Your hydraulic system can make or break a business. Heavy duty hoses connected to your machinery give life to construction, manufacturing processes and more.

The last thing any business needs is a leaky or cracked hose. That’s when Parker Hannifin’s EcoFormance technology comes in. Get to know Parker’s hoses and how they can work for your business’s bottom line. It’s time to break down the mystery behind hydraulic hoses, including spiral vs braided varieties.

The Abrasion Question

The main concern for most system managers involves abrasion. Your hydraulics aren’t working in pristine conditions. They’re often in hot, tight locations with rubbing as a normal part of operation. Heavy-duty vehicles, excavators and mining operations rely on hydraulics, but abrasion creates leaks and constant breakdowns.

Hydraulics & Pneumatics stresses that sleeves are the key to abrasion resistance. However, Parker’s hose types come with Tough or SuperTough outer covers. All of these hoses are clearly marked with their abrasion toughness and pressure rating. Put these hoses to the test because the outer material can withstand the toughest jobs you can throw at them.

Inner-Tube Science

Stainless steel wires may create the outer shell of your hydraulic hoses, but don’t underestimate the importance of the inner tube. Parker offers rubber tubes with unique properties, including:

  • PKR and Synthetic rubber for petroleum-based liquids
  • EPDM rubber for dry air and phosphate-ester fluids
  • Butyl rubber for weathering agents

If you aren’t sure about your application, MFCP can help you pick out the proper parts. From hydraulic accumulators to hose fittings, our stock covers every application.

Braided Solutions and Applications

It’s natural to compare spiral vs braided parts when it comes to your business’s productivity. You want the strongest hose for the application. Parker’s EcoFormance products include the standard, braided hose. It comes in several different varieties, such as:

  • Textile braided
  • Single braided
  • Double braided

A textile braid is an entry-level style that’s built for hot oil, petroleum-based liquids and water. Take a step up to the single- or double-braided designs that service the construction industry, including trucks, buckets and more.

The braided design creates a protective web around the hose. Bend and flex it as much as you can. These hoses won’t collapse or pinch. Both Parker and MFCP stand behind the design.

Going for the Spiral Design

Modern demands continue to push the envelope with bigger and faster machines on the job. Parker has responded with spiral hose that meets those tough conditions. Four to six wires in a spiral configuration result in hose types that exceed expectations.

The spiral shape itself forms an impenetrable layer to pressure and fatigue. You might pay a premium price for the hoses, but your bottom line improves as downtime becomes an issue of the past.

Whether you have high pressure or pulsating fluids moving through your hydraulic system, this spiral hose will resist cracking, leaking and outright breaking. These hoses are perfect for factories, mining equipment, oil-and-gas applications and more.

Bending Around Those Curves

Flexibility in hydraulic hoses is a double-edged sword. You need to bend the hoses around corners on your construction machines, for example, but you don’t want to damage the hose structure. You have options with Parker hoses. Obtain a one-half SAE bend radius with spiral hose that acts more like braided hose. The system requires fewer parts and transitions, which saves you money.

Almost every hydraulic system demands a curve to its hoses, but most parts manufacturers frown upon this installation style. Go ahead and test the parameters of Parker’s hoses. Tight spaces and agile machinery movements are perfect applications for these flexible parts. MFCP can show you how it all comes together with just one phone call.

Give Motion & Flow Control Products a call today! Whether you’re debating between types of garden hose components or the latest in hydraulic technology, we’ve got a solution for you. Keep your fleet running with spiral and braided hoses. The world runs and thrives on hydraulics.