Crimper Placements: Get Yours from MFCP

“Time is money.” The saying has been around forever because of one simple truth: everyone can relate.

You know there are opportunity costs to however you spend your time, and crimping hose is no different. MFCP understands that better than anyone, which is why we save our clients time (and money) with crimper placements. Ask our team how to get a crimper at your business.

What is the MFCP crimper placement program? It’s pretty simple. MFCP loans out Parker crimpers that stay on location at your business. So, you don’t have to pay for the crimper equipment. All you do is sign a simple loan agreement. The crimper is effectively yours to use on-site to crimp your own hoses on your own time.

When we say “loan,” we mean it. The equipment is yours to use with no monthly payment or interest. Call our team today (or reach out online) to find out more details about our loan agreements and how they work.

crimperWhy our clients love crimper placements. Besides not having to buy their own equipment, you’ll see a ton of fringe benefits to having your own crimper in-house:

  • Reduced downtime: save time traveling from your shop to MFCP, or a hose supplier.
  • Better faster installations: techs can size hose before crimping on-site, adding life to your hoses, and saving time on installs.
  • Help eliminate inventory duplications: a lot of customers can get away with 43 series, 471TC and 722TC hose (which cover 2 and 4 wire needs), saving on
    inventory duplication.
  • Low cost per assembly when compared to over-the-counter replacements.


Not familiar with using a crimper? We’ve got you covered. At MFCP, we take safety seriously. We provide an inclusive (and include) crimper training program. We come to you and train as many members of your team as you need.

Buy inventory – not equipment. Your dollars should be spent however, is the most effective for your business. The MFCP crimper placement program means you’re spending money on what matters. Don’t worry about buying equipment. Loan it from MFCP, and see the savings yourself.

Get your own crimper on-site, ASAP. It’s incredibly simple to get a crimper at your location. Let our team know if you want to get started. We often have crimpers nearby, and can get you set up in a couple of days. Call to get started, or even chat with one of our team online today.