Need Hose in Denver? You Need MFCP.

We see customers all the time that are in a bind. A hose failed and they need a replacement – and they need it fast.

At our Parker Store, we get you in and out with our ultra-fast hose assemblies. We pride ourselves on having the inventory you need right here in our Parker Store – 95% of the time, we have the product you need on-hand, which means less down time for you.

That’s our job – to save you time. We can do that better than anyone else in Denver because we’ve taken the time to learn everything there is to know – and we have the numbers to prove it.

You can’t buy our experience, but you do get to use it.

Just between two members of our team here at our 46thStreet Parker Store, we have 55 years of combined experience. Expand that to the rest of our team here, and that number is almost 100 years. We share that expertise to everyone that walks in the door or gives us a call.

Our team is constantly helping the folks walking into our store looking for a hose assembly. Or the customers who are looking for a fitting, need a crimper placement, or any other hydraulic need.

When it comes to hydraulic hose, industrial hose and must-have Parker products like Transair, we’re the team you need. If you need abrasion resistant hose, high pressure hose, transportation hose – just let us know how much you need.

If it says Parker, we have it.

We stock all stainless steel instrumentation fittings. And we can get you all the cylinders, fuel pumps, and motors you need. In fact, we can provide your whole system. It’s easier and more efficient for you, and we get the peace of mind that you’re getting a reliable system with quality products.

Meet Your Branch Manager: Justin Ice

Justin, what do you like about working in the Denver area? I’ve lived here all my life. Growing up we spent a lot of time up in the mountains. We go up there a lot and love camping, hunting, fishing and running ATVs all over the back country.

How long have you been with MFCP? 15 years with MFCP, roughly 20 years of industry experience. Before that, I used to build aerial lifts.

Any particular project or problem you solved for a customer that stands out? We just take care of people. It’s as simple as that.