Everything You Need to Know About Parker Clipper Oil Seals

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Your industry is unique. From punching out steel parts to cultivating a food craze, each production line requires reliable machines every day of the week. At Motion & Flow Control Products, we partner with your business to attain those production goals. We’re proud to supply you with some of the best seals in the business. Parker Clipper oil seals are top-of-the-line components that will see your machines through the toughest of production schedules. Learn everything you need to know about these seals right now. You’ll swap out your old assemblies in no time.

1. Installation Made Easy

If you’ve ever tweaked a seal as you’re tapping it into place, you understand the immediate frustration. It’s time to grab another seal and try again. Avoid these pains by using Parker Clipper oil seals. They’re built with enough strength to withstand a mallet strike. Simply follow these basic instructions:

  • Lubricate the shaft and cover any protrusions
  • Carefully slide the seal into place by paying careful attention to its orientation
  • Complete the installation with a flat-plate tool pressing the seal into its exact position

2. Stainless Steel All the Way

Along the seal’s lip is a finely tuned spring. You may have seen these springs in action before, but they were warped, corroded and rusted in other products. Rely on Parker Clipper oil seals because each spring comes standard with a stainless-steel construction.

This metal is the best type for the application. It flexes just enough to keep the lip seal in check for many machine hours. No moisture impacts the spring either. Rust is a problem of the past when you upgrade all of your machines with Clipper seals.

3. Custom Orders Swiftly Delivered

You may have a truly unique application for your seals. Don’t hesitate to ask about MFCP’s various seal products. Depending on the seal’s size, we can custom order your items in less than 10 days. Planning ahead for a seal replacement only takes a little foresight.

Every custom order is verified by our team before it heads out to your machine. The design and materials associated with every Parker Clipper oil seal are high-quality components. We get your order right the first time.

4. Opt for Unique Flexibility

Unlike other seals in the marketplace, Parker Clipper products give you a choice of main material. Match it to your machine’s shape and material construction, for example. There might be heat, chemicals and extreme movements involved with your application.

Take a look at the various materials that can be ordered as your oil seals, including:

  • Neoprene
  • Low-Temp Nitrile
  • Hydrogenated Nitrile

You can even ask for a different spring material, such as phosphor bronze or carbon steel. Choices give you the flexibility necessary to move your company in the right direction.

5. Resistant to Thermal Expansion

There’s a simple secret to why the Parker Clipper oil seals remain almost untouched by temperature. The manufacturer makes each housing and case out of different materials. As temperatures fluctuate during a production sequence, the seal’s shape will only change by a tiny fraction. There’s no swelling or misalignment during a machine’s operations. You’ll only see productivity and few maintenance tasks necessary with Parker Clipper oil seals.

6. Keeps Your Facility Running

Many seals are made with separate pieces. Our Parker Clipper products, however, come from a single mold. They’re bonded at the molecular level, which makes whole or split configurations possible.

The result of this quality workmanship is a machine that seems to run forever. Our minimum and maximum temperature values for each seal are substantial. It would take a considerable runaway in temperature control to impact these seals.

If you have any questions about Parker Clipper oil seals, contact our Motion & Flow Control Products staff today. Your specific application is our challenge. We can fit almost any machine with the latest seals. Watch your production line flourish with speed as our parts improve your bottom line.