How to Extend the Life of Your Marine Cooling System

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Marine cooling systems are challenged on a regular basis, especially when the engine is at full throttle. Instead of fearing the impending overheating fiasco, try a cooling system that was built to last. With the right equipment and a good maintenance routine, you’ll cut your cooling system worries in half.

Minimize Corrosion

If there is one certainty when it comes to saltwater and your equipment, it’s corrosion. It can affect everything it comes in contact with, especially your cooling system.

Frequent corrosion inspections can help give you a heads up to potential problems lurking around the corner. Pro tip: make sure you do your inspections when the system is cold.

If corrosion has become a problem too big to handle, consider Parker Hannifin’s new MAC series cooler. It’s covered with a protective coating to prevent corrosion and maintain high-performance levels despite the presence of a corrosive atmosphere.

Test your coolant

Coolant needs to be properly mixed for the application to be able to perform at peak levels. That is of course unless your coolant is pre-mixed.

Pro tip: you should be replacing your coolant every two years and it should be mixed with equal parts coolant and distilled water. Testing your coolant is the best way to make sure your mixture is correct.

This can be done by using coolant strips which are less accurate, but very convenient, or by sending a sample off for testing. While this seems like a hassle, the benefits of gaining a year or two on the life of your coolant outweigh the time and expense.

Upgrade (yes, really) 

Sure, upgrading your equipment sounds like an obstacle you’d rather not have to overcome, but it just might be the very thing that saves you a lot of heartache in the future.

The Parker MAC series cooler does more than just offer protection from corrosion. This cooler requires less overall maintenance than other systems and was designed for easy installation.

  • With fewer components, there are fewer parts to have to maintain and replace.
  • All of the fasteners are stainless steel, so even after years of saltwater exposure, they will come right off, making removal as easy as it is to install.
  • With improved paint technology and materials to resist corrosion not to mention dependable performance throughout the entire lifecycle of the cooler, you can’t go wrong with this smart of an investment.

Maintain performance 

No matter which cooling system you have, you’ll always have to perform maintenance. The difference is, how much maintenance. Most systems require regular maintenance and upkeep, averaging about every two to three months.

This means can be anything from checking corrosion levels to checking the lubrication and even changing the oil. Pro tip: it’s a great idea to keep a maintenance log where you can keep track of the maintenance that has been performed and what needs to be done next.

Keeping track of the components that tend to fail more frequently will help identify when a bigger problem is lurking just around the corner.

With the MAC series, you can expect that maintenance time to drop significantly. The MAC series is an extended lifetime cooler with fewer parts. This not only means there is less routine maintenance required but also fewer replacement parts that will have to be stored and maintained on board.

Whether you intend to upgrade your system or just maintain the one you have, make sure you put corrosion inspection, regular maintenance, and coolant testing on your to-do list (it’s also a good idea to add “create an accident preparedness plan” to that to-do list). These three things will go a long way in keeping your cooling system running longer.