Product Spotlight: Fisher Snow Plows Move Snow – Fast

Beat the weather, every time with Fisher.

If you live in the Snowbelt, you know that business doesn’t stop just because of the weather. At MFCP, we like to keep business moving with Fisher Snow Plows.

Fisher snow plows in front of the Utah mountains

We’re Fisher fans because they like what we like: quality products and unparalleled service. Fisher has a huge range of snow plows, and each product line is solid, trusted, and innovative (did we mention we love the hydraulic components?).

Find out more about Fisher Snow Plows by reaching out to our team, and never let snow slow you down.

Snow plows: straight blades, v-plows and more

The type of snow plow you need depends on your vehicle and how you’re trying to move snow.

Fisher offers straight blade plows specifically designed for half-ton, 4-wheel drive pickups, and V-plows that give you the ability to plow in V, straight or scoop mode.

Many blades come in different widths – the ExtremeV V-plow for example, is available in 7’6″, 8’6″ and 9’6″ widths. The 7 1/2 footer is available in stainless steel only; other models also come in powder coated steel.

On top of the classic straight blade plows and flexible V-plows, you can also choose from:

  • winged plow
  • pusher plow
  • UTV plows
  • skid-steer snowplow
  • walk-behind

V-Plow flexibility

One of our favorite parts of the V-plows from Fisher are the double-acting cylinders. They

Straight blade plow form Fisher with a snowy background

allow you to lock the two wings of the V-plow together to create a straight blade – all you have to do is press a button. (Plus, that makes back dragging easy.)

Because we love any and all hydraulics, we’re also big fans of the hydraulic systems Fisher uses to make sure you can plow snow fast. For example, the two-valve cartridges allow higher velocity oil flow than traditional three or four-way spool valves (resulting in much better responsiveness). Take a look at them in action. 

Pro-tips: do these five things before you plow

We’re getting into snow season, and plows are starting to show up on the front of trucks. Before you plow, make sure you:

  1. Check your truck battery
  2. Check hydraulic fluid levels
  3. Inspect the fasteners (need to make sure you have good torque)
  4. Adjust headlamps to make sure you have good visibility/alignment
  5. Walk-through the hydraulic hoses, wiring etc. for a visible inspection

It’s also not a bad idea to keep a safety kit in your plow vehicle with extra fittings, spare hoses, and hydraulic fluid etc.

Don’t forget to see Fisher’s line of Salt Spreaders and Liquid Deicers…

Happy plowing!