GPI Fuel Pumps: A Better Way to Transfer Fuel


GPI fuel pump

We like products that get the job done right. GPI (Great Plains Industries) fuel transfer pumps are our kind of products. They’re compact and lightweight (30% less than the competition), corrosion resistant, and put less stress on your tank bung (especially aluminum ones).

But what we really love is the two year warranty. Two years where you know if anything unexpected happens, you’ll get the help you deserve.

These GPI pumps get the job done. We’re impressed by the design (which includes an explosion proof motor), and the flexibility you get when choosing these pumps. Flexibility like an adjustable suction pipe and either manual or automatic shutoff.

Help is just a minute a way – that’s all it takes to request a quote from our team. Plus, for a limited time, you get all GPI fuel transfer related products for 15% off! 

The more you buy, the more you save!

When you purchase one pump, you get 20% off your order. If you purchase two pumps, get 25% off. If you purchase 4+ pumps, get 30% off! This limited time offer gives you tons of options.

No matter how many pumps you need, know you’ll be getting high quality products with even higher quality customer service. Not sure what you need? Our team can walk you through all your options and make sure you’re getting exactly what your equipment requires. We’re ready when you are

M-150S Gear Pump

Our favorite feature: the spin collar, for easy installation

The M-150S pump is one of our most popular – and for good reason. When you’re transferring fuel, you need to know your flow rate capacity, the duty cycle, the motor protection, and the fuel compatibility.

The two year warranty means this pump also comes with peace of mind – not always an easy thing to find. You also get the backing of our MFCP team. No matter where you are, our team is there for you.

Check out some more features one of our favorite GPI pumps:

  • Flowrate: up to 15 GPM (57 LPM)GPI up close 150s pump
  • Power cord: 8 ft (5.5m) x 12/2 AWG
  • Nozzle flexibility: choose from either manual or automatic shutoff
  • Inlet/Outlet size: 1 in. / 3/4 in.
  • Duty cycle: 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off

Plus, the suction pipe is adjustable up to 40 inches. You can also choose from two nozzle options: MU (manual unleaded) or AU (automatic unleaded). Whatever you need, we’re confident these pumps are what you’re looking for. Let us help you find the right pump.

If you need flow rates with more capacity than 15 GPM with a longer warranty (and extreme performance), check out the GPI G-PRO. That’s a more heavy duty transfer pump, and has a flow capacity of up to 35 gallons per minute.

Whatever fuel you need to transfer, get it done with GPI

Quality is important to us, but so is versatility. Different equipment . These pumps are perfect to use with:

  • Gasoline: up to 15% alcohol blends, like E15
  • Diesel fuel: up to 20% biodiesel blends, like B20
  • Kerosene 

We know certifications are important to a lot of you, which is why we trust GPI. These pumps are U.L. Listed Motor and CSA Certified Flammable Liquid Dispenser. With GPI and MFCP, you’ll know you’re getting great pumps, service, and more.

Request a quote today! For a limited time, the more you buy the more you save.