GPI G-PRO Fuel Pumps: Get Extreme Performance

G-PRO fuel pump

These pumps aren’t for the faint of heart. They’re industrial grade heavy duty products that get the job done, and then some. Plus, for a limited time only, get 15% off your purchase!

Some of us live in extreme temperatures. Others work on extreme job sites. What we all have in common is we’re professionals – which means we need professional grade, heavy duty products. G-PRO fuel pumps are exactly that.

Our own team of pros knows what you need. Get the help you deserve today. 

35 gallon unit. Unprecedented flow capacity.

What’s fantastic about the GPI fuel pump is that it gives you a flow capacity up to 35 gallons per minute (GPM). Standard models have a 15 GPM flow capacity. Not only that, but the flow is at the nozzle – not simply at the pump.These G-PRO pumps are 35 gallon units, the largest in the market – with a warranty twice that of standard pumps. Find out more about why these pumps are some of our favorites!

Extended duty cycle that exceeds industry standards.

GPI G-PRO fuel pumps have been pushed to the limit. When tested at 70 degrees, the pump never exceeded more than 104 degrees. When repeated and extensive 48-hour tests were run, these pumps ran continuous run hours without turning off. Plus, these have been tested at -40 degrees at the GPI Aerospace Cold Room.

High flow 1″ diesel nozzleG-PRO fuel pump

You gotta have good flow rate – but you want the rated flow at the nozzle, not just the pump. For equipment like fuel trucks and skidders where you need to pump fluid up 18 feet, this is the perfect pump. Whether you’re on a construction site or out in the oil fields, you need a reliable pump you can trust. G-PRO gets it done for you.

Four year pump warranty – double standard unit warranties

With a beefed up fuel pump, you need to know if something unexpected ever happens, you’re covered. GPI offers 4 year pump warranties on these pumps – that gives you double the warranty of a standard unit (and double the peace of mind).

18′ x 1″ dispensing hose

Bottomline, you get more with the G-PRO fuel pump. Instead of the standard 12′, you get 18′. Plus, you have options: you can switch to a 3/4″ gasoline nozzle if need be.

Tank adapter-vacuum breaker

If a hose breaks, no big deal. The anti-siphon feature on G-PRO pumps prevents leaking or draining the tank if a hose breaks. You’ll also get two adaptor ports on the base, and one on the top of the pump.

We have fuel pumps for every need. G-PRO is just the beginning.

G-PRO is superior to what you can find at your local farmer supply store, and offers better warranties and performance than standard units. These are great for cold weather performance, like up in Alaska, North Dakota, or the Pacific Northwest. GPI and MFCP together have the pumps, service, and help you need.

We’re in the business of making it easy for you to do business – which is why we’re offering 15% off all GPI fuel transfer products for a limited time. Make your life easier by requesting a quote today.