New Year, Same Great Parker Distributor

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You closed out your 2018 sales, and you’re ready to tackle 2019’s challenges. Welcome to the new year when your business is at its most optimistic point. At Motion & Flow Control Products, we understand there’s a lot of pressure to start off the year with a bang. Drive those sales with products that you can trust from Parker Hannifin. In fact, we’re your industry partner when it comes to everything Parker. Let us remind you about everything we can do for you when it comes to being a trusted, Parker distributor.

Products to Trust In

Parker Hannifin has a huge variety of products, from tons of different Divisions. Depending on your industry, you might be interested in some of Parker’s best-known products, like:

  • Hydraulic hoses
  • O-rings
  • Fittings

You can buy your parts from almost any manufacturer. They might be cheaper, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting the quality you need to avoid issues in the future. There’s a good reason why you want to buy from Parker in the first place.

You’re not just receiving a brand name. The Parker name offers trustworthy parts with every order. This manufacturer continues to be the global leader in motion and control technologies. When push comes to shove, you don’t want a bad part to emerge when you’re under a strict deadline. And, MFCP is their trusted partner with great access to all Parker has to offer.

The Parker Difference

Parker works in multiple industries while supporting nearly every product to perfection. Because they understand every corner of their particular industries, they can remain a force as a solid manufacturer.

As a Parker distributor, MFCP has access to the insider knowledge that goes along with this partnership. If there are any tips and tricks to the latest products, we’ll have the answer. Without this close relationship, both MFCP and Parker wouldn’t be as strong as we are now.

As a business, you’re able to receive small-company attention while being supported by a huge manufacturer. This combination will keep you moving well into 2019.

Industries We Support

MFCP and Parker are proud to support many industries. Some of these sectors include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Oil and Petroleum

Every industry has its distinct needs, especially when it comes to parts. For this reason, we work alongside Parker in order to carry these parts at all times. There’s nothing worse than finding out a part is out of stock. Thousands of dollars can be lost on waiting for the part alone.

Introducing New Products

You’re dedicated to your tried-but-true products. Stocking the basics is always necessary, but don’t hesitate to branch out a bit. Parker’s team introduces new products on a regular basis. Stock a few new items in order to draw in business. We can go over their applications and upgrade importance.

As your customers arrive for their everyday needs, the new items will tempt them to update a particular part of their operation. Because the items are from the brainchild of Parker, your customer will instantly feel comfortable with the latest components.

Knowing the Support is There 24/7

A priceless part of our partnership with you is knowing that there’s 24/7 support. If you’re wondering how to choose a hydraulic hose or update a fitting, MFCP is here to answer your questions. Your customers might stump you at times too. Between our team and Parker’s highly experienced divisions, there’s a simple answer to almost any query.

Our support specialties include o-rings, industrial hoses, and hydraulic lines. Installing, maintaining and updating these parts are our goals with every customer. The new year may bring on a lot of changes, but our support remains strong with constant updates directly from Parker.

Visit Motion & Flow Control Products today for all of your hydraulic, mechanical and industry needs. Every year is a start of a new time for progress and company growth. Let us complement your inventory with Parker Hannifin products that stand the test of time. We’re in this together.