Great Plains Industries: Pumping New Life Into Fuel Systems

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You’ll find fuel transfer pumps in many different applications, from powering your ATV to that bucket hauling heavy items on a construction site. Introduce yourself to one of the top names in fuel pumps today: Great Plains Industries. Motion & Flow Control Products is proud to support this manufacturer because of their dedication to quality and customer service.

Family-Driven Company

Part of the reason why MFCP partners with Great Plains is their family-oriented company. From the moment that they started serving the fuel injected industry, their Wichita, Kansas, factory has been owned and operated by family members.

They live in the heart of the United States where machinery rules the land. You can rely on their designs, assemblies and completed products any day of the year. Find many types of pumps in GPI’s inventory, such as:

  • Hand pumps
  • Fixed pumps
  • Mobile pumps

Every product goes through extensive testing so that your fuel system is always operating at optimal levels.

Gaining a Human Perspective

If you’ve ever called a factory hotline, staying on hold was most of the experience. Great Plains Industries is different. They offer a customer-service line with real humans answering the phone. Give them a call with your questions and comments. They’re pleased to hear any feedback or solve those tough dilemmas.

You’re always welcome to contact MFCP with your fuel-pump questions as well. As a collective team, we’ll get your system running once again with little downtime.

Quality Parts That Last

Nobody wants to deal with a bad fuel pump on a job site or during a production run. Great Plains’s pumps come with quality parts that make a difference. In fact, their fuel pumps often last three times longer than the leading competition.

Several features contribute to the pump’s longevity. The unique, spin-collar mount makes installation easier than ever before. Add in the telescoping suction pipe, and you have a reliable pump.

Great Plains doesn’t rely on third-party assembly teams either. Every pump’s power cord is installed at the Kansas factory and quality checked every time.

Charting a Course for Success

A high quality pump deals with a lot of environmental stresses. Issues will inevitably arise over time as you run a system. GPI’s troubleshooting chart gives you a logical pathway to recover your pump’s full power.

Keep it simple by checking for blockages or electrical strains. Fuel lines might have debris, for example.

Transfer pumps are designed to last through the toughest weather. The aluminum housings fight off extreme expansion and contraction while also fending off corrosion. Your pump might be outdoors for most of the year, but you wouldn’t know it from the assembly’s heavy-duty construction.

Functionality Sparked by the Details

Every fuel pump created at GPI’s facilities have specific features that make them workhorses in the field. Specifications usually revolve around these factors, such as:

  • Flow rate
  • Power-supply type
  • Recommended fuel meters

Success is hidden within these details. In fact, GPI’s designers also rely on positive displacement for their pumps. You’ll notice less wear and tear on your pump when this action is the main type that drives your fuel forward.

Ask our MFCP team about specifications for your application. From the EZ-8 to M-3120 models, there’s a pump waiting for you.

Working With MFCP

Your job site may not be near Kansas, so MFCP makes that leap for you! We carry some of the top products from Great Plains Industries, included fuel system components and complete pump assemblies.

If you don’t know which product you might need, our team is ready to break down your application. With dozens of pumps for both standard- and heavy-duty needs, our stock delivers on quality and functionality.

Call Motion & Flow Control Products today. Ask us about our Great Plains products. We partner with the best in the business so that you succeed with your machinery goals. Bring your machine to life with fuel transfer pumps that last. Productivity just comes naturally afterward.