Hydraulic Wonders: Getting to Know Gresen Hydraulics

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Running your machines with hydraulic ease is achieved with dedicated professionals who put their time and talent into designing the best valves, seals, pumps and filters around. Gresen Hydraulics is a familiar name in this dedicated world. In fact, you might be running some of their components right now. Introduce yourself to a new world of Gresen products with Parker Hannifin supporting them all the way.

Pumping and Motoring Away

Hydraulic pumps and motors go hand in hand. Gresen products are designed to work seamlessly together. In fact, cohesive connections between these parts is what brought Parker Hannifin to the table. Parker’s acquisition gave Gresen even more staying power in the hydraulic industry.

Gresen’s products are meant to be compact and mobile. In this busy world, streamlining any mechanical process is attractive.

Their hydraulic pumps are built with tough housings and long shapes. Fit these parts into compact equipment in these varied industries, such as:

  • Highway
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing

The motors are closed-system parts so that no particles can damage the interior. They offer long-lasting power for those long workdays. The heart of any hydraulic system relies on the motor and pump to get the job done.

Sealing the Systems

There are a lot of transition points across a given hydraulic system. A Gresen hydraulic valve, hose and pump configuration will have a handful of transitions that are vulnerable to leaks. That’s when seal kits come into play.

Stock up on various types of seals for your system at MFCP. It’s always a good idea to have extra parts on hand that are relatively inexpensive.

Keep in mind that Gresen, Parker and MFCP carry the best seals possible, but their quality also depends on a proper installation. Let us assist you with any installation questions as you update your system.

Valves and Controls

Gresen takes pride in their design of control valves. In fact, their products are trusted by many professionals in the field.

Look for valves and controls at MFCP when you need to update your system. Most parts are backwards compatible so that you only need to replace the worn sections. There’s no need to replace perfectly good parts just to fit with the latest designs.

Our team can point you in the right direction if you’re looking to change your controls and hydraulic valve configurations. The Gresen-Parker partnership only means that there’s more parts to choose from to perfect your setup.

Filtration Expertise

Preventing debris from entering your hydraulics is hard work. Gresen covers all the bases with these products, such as:

  • Pressure filters
  • Return filters
  • Suction strainers

Without trusted filters within your system, particles will contaminate the fluid. It might be hard to know if you need new filters too. We can help you with any troubleshooting steps so that you can verify the system’s stability. Our stock is always ready to serve your needs. A quick swap of the filter gets you up and running again.

Tough Cylinders

You may have a brand-new Gresen hydraulic valve installed on your machine, but no update is more important than the cylinders. Hydraulics depend on controlled movement of a fluid in order to move heavy-duty objects, reminds the professionals at Hydraulics & Pneumatics. Those cylinders provide a transfer of power when a worker activates the hydraulics.

Gresen’s cylinders come in a variety of sizes and material types. If you aren’t sure about your particular application, ask our experts. The proper cylinder replacement will only make your system thrive through those extensive projects. Each cylinder goes through a tough, quality-assurance process. When Gresen and MFCP partner up, your resulting products are top of the line.

Watch your bottom line improve with hydraulics that stand the test of time. Gresen, Parker and MFCP are always by your side!